Glenn twists in the wind

Glenn twists in the wind

Last year's Blue starting QB
a man without a team;

fate likely decided by free agency

Winnipeg Free Press

Feb. 11 2009 By: Ed Tait

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The Kevin Glenn trade talks have morphed into a game of financial 'chicken'

by the Winnipeg Blue Bombers, the Hamilton Tiger-Cats and the quarterback himself.

The Bombers recently gave the Ticats permission
to speak to Glenn about reworking his current contract --

including a hefty bonus believed to be in the range
of $50,000 and due on March 1 -- to accommodate a deal,

but those discussions have stalled over the past couple of days.

Essentially, as much as the Ticats are interested in dealing
for Glenn, they don't want to be on the hook for the bonus.

At the same time, Glenn doesn't want to take a pay cut

while the Bombers weigh whether to pay the sum if it helps
complete the trade or release him outright and not receive anything

for the East Division's Most Outstanding Player in 2007.....etc.

All I know is that Kelly is outmatched dealing with Obie.
:D :D

That, my friends, is the funniest post I've ever read here.....

Obie can't do worse than his last deal with Peg.

The funniest, really?
Even when you pretended it was no big deal that MTL keeps losing Grey Cups?

This may end up one of Obie's easier deals as Kelly will have to do all the heavy lifting.

Even funnier than listening you to rave about a team that hasn't sniffed the playoffs in what...5 years..Funnier than reading your posts about the Als even though they won more games this year than the Cats have won in the last three.

This thread is about Obie...who judging by his efforts so far, obviously didn't take a pee in BC without checking with Wally first. His record so far is hardly stellar.

Honestly Zontar, wouldn't you have liked the Cats to Win 11 last year? Case closed..

Als was just wondering if you cruise every team web page looking for guys who bash Montreal ??

Nothing against Glenn but with his situation he should be jumping at any club that shows true interest. At this point it seems like only Hamilton really wants him. He will never get his current contract pay in 09. He needs to shine again down the road to earn that back.

It appears to me, als4ever, that your capacity to understand
the aborted Zeke Moreno/Tom Canada trade

was overmatched by the complexities of the spleen issue


The CFL stepped in and forcing both Obie
and the now retired Brendan Taman

to settle on a deal at the midnight hour
with a gun pointed at both of their heads.

Pity, but you are not alone.

Ron. Sometimes you remind me of a Jim Jones disciple. The CFL stepped in because both those GM's were incompetent on how they handle that transaction. The only thing they could use to settle the issue was a draft pick. This was consistent with how they handled the Flory situation a few years back (A firt round pick).

It impacted Obilovich and the Ticats negatively in 2008, in a positive way in 2009 the opposite for Taman and Winnipeg and Tom Canada dosen't have a pot to pi s s in ...All is as it should.

I don't want to talk about this deal any more than you do, HfxTC.

Why, if someone unjustly calls you incompetent, HfxTC
and I have facts to dispute that, I will stick up for you, too.

For that, I expect you to call me Mr. Nice Guy, not Jimmy Jones.

When someone calls Obie incompetent as a G.M.
because of what went down in the Zeke trade

I will inform them of the facts every time.

  1. A health issue harpooned the original trade.

  2. Zeke Moreno was already in Winnipeg!!!


  1. The CFL forced Obie and Taman
    to put together a new deal THAT NIGHT!

Brendan Taman had Obie by the short hairs.

Taman keep stalling all that night offering Obie players
who were far less than suitable as a replacement for Canada

until the CFL blew the whistle on the whole thing

and gave Obie no other choice but to accept
draft picks as compensation for Zeke.

Simple, eh? What's so hard to understand about that?

I was disappointed about losing Zeke Moreno
but there is no need to call Obie incompetent

We weren't on the phone to hear the negotiations.

Ron ! I don't think of you as Jim Jones...just one of his followers. I like Obilovich but I think you give him a pass on everything.
I think he made some rookie errors last year in the evaluation of existing Ticats, how he managed the draft table, rookie contracts and the Taafe situation....In the end he didn't improve the Ticats record by one game. Those are all facts.

You've raised the issue yourself Ron. Why was Moreno in Winnipeg already? Why didn't Obilovich ask to talk to Canada first? Canada had recently signed a new deal with Winnipeg and had shown in his dealings as a FA that there could be issues. No medical?

CFL grabbed them by the short hair because 1- Obilovich refused to take Moreno back, this is what normaly happens if a deal falls through due to medical reasons... Obilovich is on record stating this much. Since the CFL has no ability to fine Canada for not reporting and the two GM's can't clean up the mess. The CFL stepped in out of lack of choice went with the draft pick.

You are correct I should have said that Obilovich showed incopetence in the handling of the trade as opposed to being incommpetent.

Agreed.....but there are issues that should be considered...his performance at last years draft, as well as his signing of Woodcock, Miles Ponder, some receiver from the Argos whose name escapes me, Kashama, and others who either underperformed or were simply let go early. He failed to address issues on OL and DL, and while a couple of guys really blossomed in the secondary, there a a couple of big holes there as awell.

I commented on the original post because I felt that that there was a certain smugness to it.....That kind of smugness should be reserved until Obie has proven that he "still has his fastball". Obie inherited a 3-15 team. The Ticats still are a 3-15 team. He did not perform what he was expected to perform and for that, there will be critisism. That also is part of the job.

That's how I see it. You could also add the Rambo and the less then stellar scouting done in his first year as GM.

I think free agency and this year's draft will tell the tale of Obilovich's performance as a GM. If he can't fill some holes and find a starter with 3 top 10 picks...

I expressly said I was talking about Obie’s handling of the Zeke trade, fellas.

Since he has been here, some things Obie has done haven’t worked out

you are welcome to fire away, but remember nobody is perfect.

In hindsight, HfxTC, you are right about some of the things
that Obie could have done and he may have even done them.

I hate repeating myself, I have said all these things before,
but I have to respond to what you are saying with what I know.

It is standard practice to get the traded players to the other team
in time for the first of their three practices so they can be game-ready.

Tom Canada would have been in Hamilton, too
except he rushed himself to the hospital.

I spoke to Obie and he believes that a player,
having been told by his team that he was traded,

would not want to come back, HfxTC,
because that is how he would have felt

if it had happened to him as a player

I disagree with him and don’t agree
that that is always the case.

Besides Zeke Moreno was studying
the Winnipeg playbook that day.

als4ever, I don’t often go out on a limb but I will say again
that a man with years of experience as a General Manager

has an advantage over a man who barely has his toes in the water.

If that defines me to you as being smug, so be it.

No Ron, that does NOT define you to me as being smug. Your comment struck me as being smug.

You, good Sir, are a knowledgable, dedicated fan of the CFL whose opinions are certainly welcome in any blog. I may not agree with everything you say, but I certainly enjoy reading your comments.

Thank you, als4ever.

Maybe now that you know that I was comparing the huge discrepancy
in the general managing experience of Bob O'billovich and Mike Kelly.

you may see that my comment was, at least, moderately accurate.

Here is an argument for you Ron. You claim OB’s experience is an edge. But Kelly has done exactly with Glenn what you say OB should have done with Moreno. He isn’t prepared to give away an asset (Glenn) despite publicly saying he’s not interested in Glenn playing for him. In the end he may not get anything more for him but he’s not prepared to give away an asset based on what a player’s “psyche” might be.

Bottom line Obilovich needs to improve the talent of the Ticats by training camp or he will be a failed GM. He needs to draft well, have quality imports to compete and get his share of Free agent talent. Anything less isn’t acceptable and will ruin another season. He’s made all the calls since the end of the 2007 season. Its on him. But that’s just me.

I don't see that the sky is falling because of Obie's work
but fire away at him anyways, he isn't perfect, nobody is.


Time will tell how well Mike Kelly is handling the
Kevin Glenn fiasco he has gotten himself into, HfxTC.

You think I'm being unfair? I just think anyone who takes a GM job will have a learning curve and last year is over and done with but this year there can't ben any excuses. I am not saying they should win a cup but they need to be competitive and that is "around" a .500 record or better.

Sounds fair to me, HfxTC.

BTW: I think he's very likeable, its obvious he's a straight shooter and honnest and caring...he's assembled a good coaching staff and a good young scout now he needs to provide these coach's with enough talent to compete. I really have high hopes for this season.