Glenn to Steeltown

I thought they were going to stick with one of their new young QBs? But I think Glenn will still help them out. Lets hope that he is the QB Hamilton has been looking for over the last few years.
Heh, it would be kinda funny to see Hamilton do better than Winterpeg and have Glenn be a part of that. I still think while Glenn isn't the greatest QB in the league, he didn't deserve to get cut and has a lot to offer.

my understanding of the situation is he will be there as a back up qb, and expected to help the young QB’s along the way. and his wage will be partially performance driven.

Allow me to be the first to say... BOOOOOOOO! :lol: But seriously, I suppose if it takes on a role similar to DD's last season, it shouldn't be a problem. The coaching staff just better not panic and bench Porter after his first bad performance.

They will be under a lot of pressure that's for sure. But you can't start firing or benching people too quickly, it takes a while for a team to gel and that includes those behind the scenes. I wouldn't be surprised to see him be 1b and Porter be 1a and alternate starting throughout the season.

I hope they use Glenn wisely, and pull Porter when he struggles. But then go back to him the next game. I never did like the “go with the hot hand” mentality. It’s much better to have a starter and a backup than to have guys battling it out to be the starter.

It should be fun to watch when Barrenechea and Glenn walk into the same dressing room on the first day of training camp.

Glenn probably doesn’t remember a thing.

^ :lol: Good one, Artie.

I'm sure Glenn will forgive him. In the heat of the battle players sometimes do things they regret. I doubt Augie did it purposely too as he didn't look up and notice that Glenn had delivered the ball already if I remember the play correctly. He does not have any history of playing dirty in his past either.