Glenn to start in WDF?

Looks like Kevin Glenn will be the man for the Stamps this Sunday against the Lions. Tate's arm in a cast today - not practicing.

Well all the best to Kevin.

If Calgary wins on Sunday, it'll be quite ironic. The last time Glenn had a shot at the GC was 2007 & he broke his arm against the Argos in the EDF.

Tate is now reported to have a fractured forearm.
When did this occur, as it was not mentioned by Tate, nor the team, until now.

perhaps Huf was attempting to confound the preparatory schemes of the BC defense by announcing the Tate fracture at such a late juncture.

[b]Calgary Stampeders quarterback Drew Tate is out for the rest of the season with a fractured right forearm.

Tate showed up to practice with a cast on his throwing arm, and it was announced he will miss Sunday's CFL West final against B.C., and the Grey Cup if Calgary manages to advance to the title game.[/b]

Wow. I saw a brief TSN report yesterday where they said that Tate did not practice Wednesday, and the media speculation was about his head. Cut to an interview with Hufnagel saying that it was nothing to do with his head, but that Tate hada bruised forearm and they had it X-rayed. I'm not sure if the initial results were negative (no fracture), but the overall tone of the report was that this was "good news" for Tate. They also interviewed a light-hearted tate who was poking fun at the media for taking a twitter comment he made about his head too seriously. This news today comes as a big surprise.

Its a shame that Tate is finished for this year, I would rate him as the second best QB in Canada, behind Lulay.
Drew Tate will be sorely missed and I find it a pity that he is so injury prone. I think he has himself to blame for many
of his setbacks as he takes some risks on the field that cause coaches to cringe.

We've watched him many times, avoid sliding while carrying the ball, in favour of diving head first at the last second to
pick up another yard or two. Drew is a smart QB, but not smart enough. He owes it to himself, his team mates and the
fans to preserve his own health either while playing in a game or practicing. Nobody benefits from Drew Tate sitting on the
bench or laid up in a hospital bed.

Good luck to Kevin Glenn and the Stamps, Kevin never could lead the Cats to the promise land but I always thought he was a good guy and a good QB, Im pulling for him to finally get over the hump and win a championship.

Is his arm really hurt or did they put the cast on because they played him when they shouldn't have last week because he was really concussed. .. A way to avoid league fines or disciplinary measures, perhaps.

Wow yeah, I hadn't thought of it that way.

I've criticized Kevin in the past for "disappearing" in big games, but I think he's the best guy for the team right now. I

If Tate's injury occurred in the first half, then mad props to Matt Dunigan for being one of the first to notice something was wrong. At halftime, Dunigan was talking about how there was something wrong with Tate's throws, that he didn't have his usual zip on the ball.

Never mind: Tate says it happened in the 3rd:

He could end up being the next Buck Pierce. If that's the case then Hufnagel will always need a well seasoned QB on the sidelines like Glenn as insurance.

Well said. Glenn is long overdue and I hope he finally gets a Grey Cup.

I think Glenn needs two more wins to finally silence his critics. Anything short of a Grey Cup win, and he will never have an answer to the criticism that he couldn't win the big one. A Grey Cup ring is the only way for him to get his name on the same list as guys like Burris, Dickenson and Austin. He already has the career passing stats.

This may well be his last chance.

What big games did Glenn disappear in? The only big game he didn't play well in when he was here was against the Argos in the '10 semi. Aside from that, he either played well ('09 semi against BC, '11 semi against Montreal) or was injured ('11 final against Winnipeg). Glenn got way more heat than he deserved when he was here, but I don't want to rant on it again. I don't care how he plays, but I do hope the Stamps beat the Lions and then beat whichever East team gets to the Grey Cup. Glenn will shut everyone up if he gets his ring.

No, I'm with you, BWW. I said that I was critical of Glenn in the past, as I've come around on him and I admit that I was wrong. I don't think he is a great quarterback, but he definitely receives a lot more criticism than he deserves.

Granted, if he stinks it up this afternoon, I'll probably be on here being all like "I TOLD YOU SO", so lets hope that doesn't happen.

With Glenn in we are sure to see the 100th Grey Cup and the Braley Bowl.

You were saying? :roll:

Who's laughing now? Mr. Kevin Glenn is laughing, that's for sure. Very happy for him, class act all the way.

I don't think he's great either. Very good, absolutely; but not great. Of course, the narrative of Glenn's career can change big time next week. Win a Cup and people will start talking Hall of Fame. Not sure I'd go that far, but it will be a debate with his numbers and a championship on his résumé.

No need for any "I told you so." Aside from one pick returned for a TD, Glenn was spectacular today. But this is the way he can play when he has a solid team around him. Glenn could have done the same here if the team would have built a team (and by "team" I mean "decent defense") with him here. But alas, it was not to be. Glad he's having success. You'll find no bigger KG fan that I and I can't wait to finally see him win it all next Sunday.