Glenn To Start In Regina !!!

8) According to Drew Edwards today, Marcel says that Kevin Glenn will be the starting QB in Regina on Saturday !!!

Great news! I'm glad to see Marcel hasn't given up on Glenn just yet

Awesome news, go get them Kevin! Lets help him out O Line!


Excellent news, I hope they made Cobb run through some tackling dumbers by putting his head down and driving. Once in a while.

He is the only qb we have he better be starting.

No brainer!!!

An Argo-Cat fan

Off topic but I have to ask... as an Argo-Cat fan does that mean you just hurl insults at yourself? :wink:

I don't get how that works either.
That's like saying:
I'm an ally/axis
I'm a conservative/green party


Just pullin yer leg!

Here's to KG humbling the Riders for a second straight week! :rockin:

This is a no brainer.

It will take a lot more than Glenn starting in Regina to be successful this week. Someone needs to put a fire under this team. Where's the leadership?

Cant people try to be positive instead of negative comments all the time!
Im glad Kevin is starting and the team WILL regroup, I have Faith!

bruce: Glenn should start. But as we have already seen since last season, that doesn’t guarantee anything when he has to deal with a porous O line and dumb play calling from Mike Gibson.

Same as being a Bomber fan.

I'm glad Glenn is starting, here's to hoping the riders take us for granted and underestimate how good this team can be(like alot of us)and Kevin can lead us to a much needed WIN!!!

This was right move IMO

Alot the Game was not His Fault

This is the right call. I'm glad Marcel isn't waffling on his starting QB. Now, if Gibson can come up with better plays...

Normally after a Bad Game he bounces back ..

Glenn usually has good games against the riders. Should be a good one.


I was a little surprised to see that this made headlines,I would have been shocked to see that Porter would be starting.

He usually plays well in Regina, I'm almost tempted to take Hamilton in Big Daves pool but the Riders will be in a snarly mood after taking it from the Stamps.