Glenn the New Face?

Glenn pushing season tickets on pop ups?

Noticeably more visible in other media pumping the flex packs.

Are they telling us something or is he just in the area still so they're using him?

I think they are telling us something. Everyone knows Glenn saved the 09 season from disaster. Like I told Chris, until Glenn is named the starter for 2010 I will not be buying season tickets.
Why would I spend $50.00 a ticket to watch Porter struggle for another 1/2 to 3/4's of a season.
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YES to glenn!

If a vote was put to us Fan's .....My vote would be glenn and would have been glenn from the START ...
I don't like to assume but im sure the % would be with Glenn's camp.

He is more confident in front of the media , obviously comes with time in front of those cameras .
Mr.Glenn has shown he is our leader and i see him being the starter next year unless something pops up between now and then .

Go Cat's Go

This week I watched the game in Calgary on Oct 3 that was a 15-14 defeat (they're on Cogeco on Demand right now - go to Free On Demand - TSN - football).

I remembered this game as cementing in my mind that Porter had to go. But when I watched it this week, apart from a fumble early in the game and the 2nd last offensive play of the game where he took a sack on 2nd down to drive the team out of field goal range, I think he played pretty well. What was apparent from watching it on TV (but not so much in person, since I was at the game), is that the coaches didn't give him any short pass options over the middle for when Calgary brough 7 or 8 on the rush (and Calgary did this several times in the 2nd half). And of course Setta's 2 missed goals were a big issue.

That said, Glenn was awesome in the last few games, so clearly he has the edge. But we shouldn't write off Porter or run him out of town, because clearly having 2 capable QBs is to our advantage. Think BC and Winnipeg who each played 5 QBs over the course of the season and Toronto who should have, but didn't.


There are short pass options on every play...Porter just can't think quickly enough to take advantage of them.

I was thinking if there is a chance Porter could be traded. And even though we put a lot of time into developing him last year, I think Obie and company might be thinking that Glenn has at least another 3 good years in him, and Tafralis and Boltus are guys they really like. That said, if the Bombers made Hamilton an offer they couldn't refuse...

My fear with your line of thinking is if we do “trade” or “dump” Porter than a year from now we could be in the same boat with Tafralis and then Boltus. Next year people will be wanting to move Tafralis because he’s just not working out and then so on and so on.

I would remain stat on the QB’s we have and go into training camp with every position open for competition. Then let their play determine the #1, #2 and #3 positions. But during the season, make sure the #2 gets some time in during games, ideally more than just clean up time (the last 2 minutes of a game).

Read this post keeping in mind I'm a KG supporter:

There is no guarantee KG replicates his performance this year. There are no guarantees in sports period. We shouldn't be getting rid of quarterbacks just because we have a starter unless they are causing problems in the locker room and I don't think Porter is doing that.

The way K.G was treated by the Bombers was a disgrace, He led them to the G.C and broke his arm playing all out, they would not have gotten there without him. I was glad to see him get another chance with the Tiger Cats, and he proved himself in 2009. As for 2010 season, Hopefully a amicable tandem situation can be worked out, between the QB,s because the Ti cats could be set at QB until 2015 at least , just bring Q.P along as the Colts did for Manning- " While Manning continued to struggle at times during his rookie season, he set a number of rookie quarterback records including the most touchdown passes by a rookie quarterback with 26 and the record for most yardage by the Indianapolis Colts with 3,739. Though Manning also led the NFL in interceptions and lost more games that year (13) than he did during the whole of his college career, the future was seen as bright for both the quarterback and the Colts. He regarded it as a challenge, telling Mark Ribowsky of Sport , “It was frustrating and disappointing. But you can either sit there and feel sorry for yourself or do something about it, learn from it. You’ve got to look at the long haul, improve each week, each season. In time, the mistakes you make are going to even out.?

First off I’d like to say that Glenn had a great season and I appreciate his effort and the success he brought us this season.

BUT, don’t give up on Porter. He’s young and inexperienced (Which Glenn was at one point in his career!!). He will learn along the way. I believe that he will be a solid starting quarterback in the CFL one day. The way he is treated by us fans is disgraceful. I sit in Box J and listen to the way he is treated by most fans and I just shake my head. It reminds me of the fans that booed Anthony Calvillo out of town. Ya, remember him??? The guy that was terrible as a Ticat, yet gaining experience only to end up being one of the best all time quarterbacks on one of the best dynasties ever in the CFL.

I am not knocking Glenn at all, but some of us Ticat fans who think they know everything about football need to get off of Porter’s back, and allow him to grow before we boo another A.C. out of town. I am by no means saying he will be the next A.C. but people, let him grow/learn/groom in Hamilton before we kick him out. Give the guy a freakin chance, and 5 or 6 games is not a chance!!

We are the same fans that at this time last year were saying “Get rid of Printer’s, we got Porter!!”

Start Glenn next two seasons + keep Porter as second-string developmental QB = next Calvillo emerging in Hamilton

Agreed. Porter just needs some time and watching a vet like Glenn will help him become a great QB. Glenn is a true leader and right now Porter is not. Some seasoning and he will be.

That makes 3 of us who think that.

Hey guys I agree. I just said I wasn't going to waist another dime watching Porter for half the season or more as the starter in 2010. It should have never happened this yr. For the record Porter started 11 games and his best performance was 270 yds. passing. For a 4-7 season. Nice numbers for a backup, the problem was he was not the backup. However the Cats better not pull the same BS this yr., leaving Glenn hanging for 3/4 of the season. I simply refuse to sit through that again at $50.00 a ticket when Glenn has more than proven he is the real deal. What really ate me up this past season was I could have been watching 400+ yd. games from Glenn all season long. Now that's CFL football at its best! If we have the talent we should be using it. I know when I am supporting or buying a product I shouldn't have to settle for second best, and neither should you.
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I'm a pro-Glenn guy who also thinks Porter should be kept around to develop.

When we talk "future" though, I think Boltus wil be an interesting guy to watch. He has similar size to Porter but is 4 years younger and has a monster cannon for an arm. Should be interesting to see how well he grows into the pro game.

Agreed. Glenn the starter, keep developing Porter.

Re: Porter couldn't find the outlet or checkdown guy, true, but according to Glen Suitor that guy should be shallow in the middle, and after 5 times of him not finding the guy who was somewhere but not shallow in the middle, I would hope the coaching staff would put someone somewhere that he could find. I know this raises the question of whether the game plan should be shaped to the player's ability or the player should adapt to the game plan, I think with an inexperienced QB, it's the former.


IMO Glenn did not have a very good game in the playoff. I still think we need to develop Porter or someone else
quickly, incase Glenn starts to stumble. :cowboy:

What? Glenn threw for 437 yds in the play-off game. No one can put the loss on Glenn. Defense maybe?
Porter's best game this yr was 270 in 11 games. Lets see, thats 167 more yds. for Glenn against Porters best game of the yr.
So please explain what Porter would have done differently??????????????
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We seriously need ANOTHER thread about Glenn vs Porter?

I know that the original post was just about marketing but you had to know that it would turn into another QB controversy thread.

Of course we need another thread on quarterbacks!! And the great news is that this one will be re-hashing old performances and arguments. What else are we going to do during the off-season?