Glenn & the Cats Very Impressive.

Is it true Glenn is the second quarterback to put up 500+ yds. for the cats in a game? The other of course was Calvillo.
Overall it was a great effort by the Cats, its awesome to see them competitive against the best in the league.
They were only one play away from winning this one in Montreals own park. Congrates on the awesome effort ti-cats.
Can't wait till Sask. comes to town! Gonna get my tickets tomorrow!!
Doc 8)

He's the third. McManus was the other QB who had 500+ passing yards in a game, as you can see here:

Single Game Passing Yards

Name YDS Opponent Location Date
Anthony Calvillo 542 MTL MTL Oct. 25, 1996
Danny McManus 525 WPG HAM June 25, 2004
Anthony Calvillo 518 SSK SSK Oct. 6, 1996
Danny McManus 513 OTT OTT July 25, 2002

But now you can add this to that list:

Kevin Glenn 506 MTL MTL October 18, 2009

And he deserves to be listed there.

Our loss today was attributable to the "drops" by receivers.

While never deminishing KG's outstanding performance, lets give a huge chunk of credit to the Offensive Line, the Defensive Line and the coaching that planned this game so well.

Sour grapes, I know, but maybe next time lets show McPherson some BLITZ packages, where we can panic him.

AC is starting to get "elderly" in this game; the "hits" he took this afternoon are like being kissed by his sister, compared with what he's going to be taking over the next several weeks, and Trestman is a rookie...anything can happen, and the ball may eventually bounce our way...we should be ready to pick it up and run wth it.

Very impressive we should have won, I'm concerned about some drops, no question, Bruce has to have that one and Bauman isn't very good yet, but more concerned we couldn't put any pressure on McPherson, didn't expect it agains't Calvillo but did agains't McPherson. That was costly.

Anyways, onwards we go.

The receivers dropped a few passes, and there as the McDaniel fumble. But I thought they did quite well other than that. Take a look at these numbers:

Name No Yards Lg TD
BRUCE, A 9 155 26 1
MCDANIEL, M 7 84 23 2
JAMES, D 5 71 30 0
STALA, D 3 91 69 0
COBB, D 3 47 29 0
BAUMAN, C 2 58 38 0

And that was done without Rodriguez in the lineup. Will he be back soon?

The offensive line did well in pass protection, and opened some holes for Cobb. Glenn was not sacked even once.

If there was a weakness, it seemed to be the secondary. Als receivers were getting open and their QBs were finding those open receivers. There could have been more pressure on their QBs, but I hope McPherson is as good as Russ says he is. Here's something else that should be noted:

Name No Yards TD Fum
COBOURNE, A 13 34 1 0
MCPHERSON, A 4 10 0 0

I thought Cobourne's rushing yards would be limited, but not by this much.

Was fortunate to be at today’s game in Montréal, and was extremely proud of the TiCats efforts for the entire 60 minutes. They deserved a better fate. Many of the home fans sitting near us admitted that the late pass interference call against the Cats was highly questionable. The official seemed to throw the flag very late, only after the crowd roared when the receiver fell. Glenn was spectacular.

If they play like this, they should make the playoffs.

Congrats to Cats.

from a lifelong fan in Candiac, Québec

The officiating could have been better, and that PI call you mentioned was one example of that. But I'm not sure if the loss can be blamed on the officials. It could be that the whistle should have been blown before the McDaniel fumble was forced, but I'll need to see the replay again before I can be sure his forward motion was stopped.

It looked like he was just a second from FW motion being stopped, honestly I think the refs made the right call, if McDaniel held on for 1 more second we wouldn't be discussing this. It was that close.

Nice to hear from you, WRW, especially when you say nice things.

Welcome to the forum.

There is one other thing I should point out. Has anyone noticed the lack of anti-Gibson posts here? That's for a reason. I liked how the D was being stretched, and at least five 20+ yard passes were completed. There was some variety in playcalling, and we didn't seem to be too predictable this time.

Once again, I'm not too worried about next Friday's game. The blue team might have won two of three games against us. But if it had not been for the dropped Gordon pass, and the screw-up on that lateral, it would have been a different story. Just need to cut back on mistakes like those, and I believe we will after tonight. And this "moral victory" isn't as bad after BC beat the Spies.

On the fifthe quarrter marcewl said it wasa the same basic offense.

I think the main difference is that Glenn sees the game and the field much better than Porter does. Porters passes to the corner routes, when he throws them, leave his hand way to late on most occasions.

it's not play calling, it's the progressions and vision buy the QB.

I do still think play calling has a little bit to do with this.

We basically stole a lot of plays from Winnipeg. We ran a lot of receiver screens today early on that worked. We have not used those all year.

I also saw the receivers diving and actually trying for the ball this week. It actually seemed like these guys would rather work for bad thrown balls from Glenn than make a better effort on better thrown balls from Porter.

Glenn now needs to follow this up on Friday in Toronto.

Cooper grow up! Porter doesn't throw the ball better than Glenn, never has, and probably never will. You are such a loser! Man if I didn't know better I would say your not Cooper, but a poser named Porter.


That's funny Alan. Yea Porter's throws are better. Yea right. What can I say. 500 plus yards for a guy with limited first reps vs what a couple hundred from Porter in his best game this season. Yea Porter is great. Give it a rest man.
And yea, it's no surprise that the receivers work harder for Glenn. He has their respect. Like I have said before, when the players lose confidence in the QB (and the coach) they stop playing for them. It's not a conscious thing, it's just that they are not focussed. Marcel and his pet project lost the team weeks ago. Now Marcel is counting on the guy he has screwed all season to save his butt.
Will Glenn be able to do it? He certainly looked like he could today. But it would not even be an issue if Glenn played all year. To quote a former TC QB we would have been "getting out our popcorn and chips" a few weeks ago instead of praying for Glenn to come up big and Winnipeg to implode.

waiting for winnipeg to implode? I m waiting for us to win, because reguardless of how well Glenn played today and he was good, we lost this game. We need to win no matter who plays.

Biggest concern is the short week. If they follow the norm in scheduling practices -- film review and run down Monday, followed by a day off Tuesday -- they'll only get in one day of prep, compared to the Argos'

Can't disagree with that. There were some costly drops and some KILLLER penalties, but overall we played a great game and stayed right in there with the best team in the league.

I really do like our chances.

Sorry i cant agree with that. Every game will have some drops in it, they played much better than last week. Bottom line in the CFL if you score 38 points, you should win. Now i know theres some Porter supporters out there that are gonna argue that the same "drops" that hurt him earlier this year are the ones that lost us today's game, it simply isnt accurate. Stamps, Copeland, Bruce, Watkins, all drop their share of balls. The D cost us this game. The D gave up 41 points. You will very rarely win a game doing that.

The O played well enough to win, the D did not. The rest is fluff.

Glad to see the Practice Schedule posted today calling for a Tuesday practice as well. They’ve either decided to give up the usual FULL day off or perhaps took Monday completely off and will combine the usual day-after-game film review with practice on Tuesday. It’s still a “short week,” but they’re serious about being as well prepared as they can be in the situation.