Glenn Suitor side hustle

Is Glenn Suitor doing USFL games too? It sure sounds like his voice commentating on the Houston/New Jersey game. As soon as the highlight video gets posted from NBC I'll show you what I mean.

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Advance to the 1:27 mark. Voice sounds dead on.

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Sounds nothing like Suitor to my ears.

Amazing how much crowd noise is apparently coming from an empty stadium, though.

Doesn’t sound like Suitor to me either.

This might help.

Yup , those 50 people in the stands sure are a rowdy bunch . :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :roll_eyes:

It can't be Suitor . I didn't hear him once talk about his days with the Riders . I also didn't hear him once bad mouth Simoni Lawrence and he didn't even mention his BBF Keith Urban once .

My guess is it might be one of his brothers either Len or maybe Ben or even perhaps his sister Gwen . :rofl:

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You took time to count?

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Well to be honest I might be off by a wee bit but I did count at least 24 people on the one side of the stands and I think maybe 26 on the other side.

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