Glenn & Stegall To Play In LDC

Berry all but confirmed it today. It also sounds like Malbrough and Samuals will be back as well and Thurman is back in since Cavil blew a tire. However Sheridan is gone for at least 3 weeks.

Overall it is looking pretty good.

....Great news piggy...too bad about Sheridan....he opens some nice holes for Charlie....Marlbrough and Samuels are huge in the secondary...gotta have them...maybe Thurman will come around as i believe its time for him to strut his stuff to stick around...if he don't...he won't....Cavil would have been decent to have in the line-up...the guy just gets to the Peg. and is on our nicked list...crappy luck.....hope to see him for the play-offs though...and what can you say about Glenn and Milt.... if we didn't have these would be all up-hill ...welcome back :thup: :wink:



whats wrong with Cavil? he got a TD and the only passes he dropped were thrown at his feet by that POS they call a QB in Quinn.

... it would be pretty tough for Cavil to catch anything (except maybe a cold) ....he;s got a broken ankle... happened during the last game against the Argos... :o

How long is cavil expected to be out? I haven't heard much about the injury, but a broken ankle would prbably be about 6 weeks...
What about Goodspead? Is he expected back at all this year?
Having these guys in the line up at the end would be a real plus.

really, I did not see that happen.

Not supprised it is his ankle with all the throws going to his ankles.

Personally,I think they'll be rusty at the start and I don't see them taking this game BUT as long as they get through this injury free then I can see them starting to rebound back to playing some pretty good Football.

Stegall is like a freak when working out so i doubt he will be rusty but glenn oculd be a little rusty at the start but once he starts throwing some quick 5 yarders to mccord and stoddard he should be fine

A good way to knock off the rust is to get plowed by Reggie Hunt, we will see it happen at least 3-4 times.

It doesnt matter the Milt and Glenn are back , you are still going to lose in Regina, but might win the second game back in the Peg.

...we are going to be tough in both ....Sask.......BETTER BRING their 'A' game...goBigBlue

You can say the same thing about the Riders as well papa,we will be tough in both games. The Riders need their "A" game, but the same goes for the Bombers as well.