Glenn Signed

Good Stuff

Good move. Any information on salary and/or contract length?

I can remember a time not so long ago when the Cats signed a QB who "ripped it up" he was a little known man to the CFL didn't play much for his other teams was kinda a 3rd stringer his who career in fact I can barely remember his name Lanny or Lonnie, Mcdougall or something along those lines....... wait I sec I remember it now clear as day it was 1998 and the mans name was Danny McMaus crazy how a guy who put us into a grey cup and won another can slip my mind like that.

Relax I'm only busting your chops cause youre a dirty Blue supporter.

I honestly think this is good for us... Good job Obie... I just want to hear more info on the contract to see how good it really is... Then there is just the waiting game to see his performance...

Great acquisition.

I now feel even better about going into the season with Porter as our starter.

Welcome to Hamilton Glenn!

Good signing for you guys. I was a Kevin supporter in Winnipeg and I still think he is capable of starting in this league if anything ever happens to Porter. Your offensive depth has just gotten a lot stronger now with a veteran back-up.

This is a great signing! It adds depth and experiance. I feel much more comfortable if Porter goes down that Glenn and win some games for us. I think he’ll be good for Porter as well.

8) He has signed a 1 year contact plus the option year.
  I would venture to say that his contact is incentive laden, being that he will get bonus $$ if he emerges as our starting QB, plus more money if he plays so many games and throws for so many yards and touchdowns, etc etc.

  Probably his base contract would be in the $130,000-$150,000 per yr. range !!!

I had been holding off on commenting on Glenn until he was signed here. And I thought I would not need to wait long until we'd hear the news that he signed. Earlier today, I checked a few sources to see if this was the day the Glenn signing was going to be official. From what I'd been able to find out, it seemed to just be a matter of fine-tuning details of the contract before it would be official that Glenn would become a Ticat. And it was from what I read on Drew Edwards' blog that I discovered that he was on his way here and that the signing was all but official, and then it was just before noon today that I saw news of the signing posted there. Keep up the good work, Drew. :thup:

Anyway, onto my opinion of this signing.

Ever since Printers was released, I thought this team needed to bring in a proven veteran QB like Glenn. And that was mostly because the team needs QB insurance IMHO. What if Porter isn't quite ready to be a starter? And if he is, what if he gets injured? Wouldn't it be good to have a QB who had been a starter in this league if that happens? Williams just isn't quite starter material IMHO (and we'll likely hear about his release soon) and the other QBs we have have little or no CFL experience. Also, Glenn gives better competition to Porter to be the starter. The competition between them should bring out the best in them.

It may be true that we may need to release another QB. Williams, Meyer, and Betts (or two of those three) will likely have to go. Will they succeed with other teams later on? Possibly. But how many QBs not named Calvillo were released by this team only to have success with other teams in the CFL? Another possible disadvantage might be that Glenn's salary might be more than that of other backup QB's, but that's the price you pay for good QB insurance. I also think it was a base salary that was less than Rob Murphy's, with incentives. I'd like to know for sure though.

In short, the Ticats have simply improved their QB situation today by having insurance and better competition there. Good signing. :thup:

Congratulations, you tossed one qb onto the scrap heap and pulled another off of it. Quite the coup d etat by Obie. :lol:

You guy's dont seriously think Glenn is a good QB do you? I, like yourself was once fooled by the KG magic trick. He come's into TC, lights it up and everyone thinks he's the next Ricky Ray. He has a good 9 games in 2007 and you guys think he's the next great one. The guy is short, has two bad knee's, and has no brain.

He might be able to service you a few wins, but once defense's figure out his " quick release " then its game over. No disrespect for Kevin, as I was a long time fan of yours in Winnipeg. It took me about half way through the season to realize that you are no natural.

Regardless, Kevin was good to his fans in Winnipeg, and I wish him a turn around season. Not likely, but hopefully im wrong.

Nice signing. Kevin Glenn is really accurate when he has time to throw. I liked him since he was in Saskatchewan and I once thought he'd be traded from the Green Riders to the 'Cats but Shivers & Lancaster couldn't agree so he went to Toronto, who immediately flipped him to Winnipeg. Anyhoo, one more QB to fight for a job in training camp is good. Bellefeuille said no one is guaranteed a job this year. Let the QB competition play itself out and may the best QB's stick with the team. Trafalis & Betts just might surprise...

You're kind of all over the board there, Cody :?

One of the few times that I agree with you 100%, Beet. :slight_smile:

Looking forward to camp!

I have to say I love KG's attitude. He has no expectations but to help this team get better.

He is pretty much the perfect fit at backup for us this season. If he wins the starting role, even better. I don't care who is behind centre as long as we win.

I love his attitude also. He is a very calm guy and people always listen to calm level headed peers. Coach Bellefeuille is also very much this way as is Porter. I think this calmness will only help.

Would be nice if they keep Williams. Having Porter, Glenn and Williams would mean we could move the ball no matter who is in. If one guy isn't getting it done you have 2 very capable weapons to throw in. stop yakn and start winning some games.

You don't "figure out" a quick release. It's an attribute good QB's have.

All the team is asking him is to be serviceable. He's going to be given an opportunity to compete for a starting job and thats it. He gets it he won it and deserves to be the starter. If not then Porter is the guy and Glenn has no problem backing up.

Enjoy the paycheck Kevin, pay off that house while you can because after your careers ends in Hamilton its over for you.