Glenn Signed

This is a huge step forward. Glenn comes in with something to prove. I think he'll start over Porter at this early stage of Porter's career. IMO, this is the team's biggest off-season signing.

An Argo-Cat fan

good news to me. security and depth at the most important position is nothing but a good thing. Let the camp sort out who starts.

the only question is when is the press conference?

Love the fact that we did not compensate Winnipeg.
Nasty rumours that we were going to give up a first and an O-Lineman had visions of Rocky Butler dancing in my head.

If he does not beat out the group we have he can always be released.

Win/Win and a positive move!!!

Yes, apparently Winnipeg wanted Gagne-Marcoux (who many say is our best O-linemen, not Hage).

I now feel very confident in or QB stable.

Thank God!!! Now we can get rid of the multitude of "Kevin Glenn" threads that are clogging up this forum.

Welcome Mr. Glenn.

Though I wil no jump on the Glenn bandwagon as a TiCat, I do think he is a very good quarterback that may still have something to offer us.

Met his mom and sister I think it was a while back in Toronto at the Damon Allen thing. What a nice women, wonderful, I hope I get a chance to meet her again in Hamilton. Nice signing!

Glenn for nothing.

Let's first give thanks to the man who made it all possible, Mike Kelly.

He publically rips Glenn for his QB ability yet tries to gouge Obie out of at least one starter like he's holding aces. But to even get anything in a trade he had to get Glenn to renegotiate. Of course it was far too late for Glenn doing Kelly any favours.

Text book case on how not to handle a salary dump.

Great News.
Welcome Kevin Glenn!!

I’ve always been a Kevin Glenn fan ,especially when he almost got traded here I followed his progress.

Depth at QB and good youth as well ,a great combo… :thup:

I agree entirely. Kelly botched this from the outset, ensuring his team got absolutely nothing in return for Glenn. Obie played his cards very well throughout, like the experienced veteran GM he is.

Welcome to Hamilton, Kevin Glenn. Best of luck this season in helping us pass Winipeg as we move up in the standings. I'm sure you'll wave to Kelly as we go by them.

Welcome to Hamilton, Kevin :thup:

Here's a link to an article that Jack Bedell posted on The Score:

[url=] ... it-in.aspx[/url]

Excellent post. Totally agree, Kelly blew that one big time.

Wow, all these positive posts about what an amazing signing this was. Kinda reminds of all the hype when Hamilton signed Printers.
I can’t remember the last time Hamilton signed a QB and that QB lit it up.

I feel much better about buying those season Ticks!!! Great move. :rockin:

Hey winched, good link there, I never go to The Score's website to be honest, maybe I should take a peek here and there.

I think there was some guy named Danny McManus.

the only question is when is the press conference?

Normally, IMO, Jack posts on, but he posted on The Score for some reason but I find his posts to be fair and always a good read.

Let's not forget all those big signings that Toronto's made...

Kerry Joseph
David Boston
Bethel Johnson
Ricky Williams
Andre Rison
Mike Vanderjagt (last year)
Don Matthews (last year)
Joe Montford (didn't have the same spark he had in Hamilton did he?)

IMHO, you guys wrote the book on big signings turning out to be busts.

And there's a difference between this signing and the Printers signing. Printers was signed to step in to be starting QB. Glenn is there to mentor and step in when needed. That's it. No one here is saying he's our saviour.

Again, don't be bitter that Hamilton beat you twice last year...