Glenn shreds the two best pass defenses

TOR 239.2
MTL 243.5

Those are the averages of the yards allowed passing by the two best pass defenses in the CFL.

Against Toronto, Glenn threw for 322 yards and against Montreal he had 506 yards.

That's a total of 828 yards against a two team average that is 482.7.


Let's hope he continues and even picks it up a little in the next FIVE games

Its clear now that the Ticats were riding the fence if it comes to wins and experience Vs losses with Porter and Glenn, Glenn should be our near future and enough BS ............... :? late 2010 porter :cowboy:

I have confidence in both our QBs and I think Porters time on the field will pay dividens next season if not in case of injury THIS season . By the way who is the Bombers backup now ?? Ricky Santos ?? How much has he played ?? How bad is Bishops hamstring ??

Glenn at QB gives our O a lot more swagger. Maybe it's just me but it seems everyone simply plays harder with Glenn in there. I think he has a better arm than Porter and obviously a quicker release.

Santos is #3. Bramlet is the backup.

not much being said about bishops hamstring... either means its nothing so theres nothing to report or their keeping it quiet cuz they are worried about it... he seemed ok on the sidelines, we had the game locked up so i think thats what helped the decision to put in Bramlett. if he is sore the bb are more likely to rest him this week in mtl.. so that hes ready to go in wpg vs the cats... good luck cats fans. see you in two weeks, lets keep the west out of the east

Bramlet, Santos i dont care which one it is they have no experiance especially in a big big game . That is why im glad Porter got into games . Same goes for Montreals backup .

What impresses me the most about Glenn is how well he has protected the football.. He has 311 pass attempts and has only given up 5 interceptions this season. Whats even more impressive is that in his last 2 starts he has thrown 0 interceptions in 82 attempts while passing for 828 yards and 4 touchdowns..

Glenn is definitely on fire right now and lets just hope we can keep him healthy and he can take us all the way to the Grey Cup like he did with Winnipeg in 2007.. Hopefully this time he can play in that most important game and return what has been LOOOOOOONG over due here in Hamilton!

Good Luck, Ti-Cats! and Good Luck, Kevin!

Lets bring the that cup home and continue the 'at least once a' decade streak alive!

Glenn sure has looked good, but the real test is Saturday, Sask will put alot more pressure on the O line, the backs and receivers will have to read blitz better then they have. This week is the real test for Kevin Glenn's TiCats with alot more riding on the outcome for the opposition.

Do the Argos have one of the best pass defenses? I'm shocked. Normally in the CFL, if you can shut down the pass you should have more than three wins. The Als had a couple starters hurt but that was still a great day for Kevin as well. I have confidence that he'll put on another great performance on Saturday.

Also, it's been nice not having a QB controversy thread this week, the first time all season possibly.

They have the number 1 pass defense.