Glenn Shows Why

Good game, but what could have been without the turnovers and drops.

They will peak at the right time though!

Who would know better than what QB to start? I think Arland has a little more insight than some of the “fans” :roll: on here or MB :oops: .
Too bad Gibson can’t see our strengths for what they are.
Ah well, such is the life as a Tiger-Cat fan.

As I been saying all year... But as Said we started him too late to help us now..

Not Really!

All they need to do now is continue to play well. With the "QB starter problem" out of the way they can work on bringing the rest of their game together.

I think they will win in Toronto and can win in Winnipeg!

Sask will be tough, but who knows!

I'm pleased with what I saw today. :thup:

K. GLENN 29/44 506 3 0

This must be a record for most passing yards for a Ticat QB in a game the Ticats lose.

Those numbers would have been even better if not for a few dropped passes. And if he did not overthrow a few receivers, he set record for most passing yards for a Ticat QB.

His release was as quick as it had to be, though he had good protection, and was not sacked once. And he threw zero picks.

If he can keep that up, it may not be too late for us to be hosting that EDSF game.

:rockin: [b]GO CATS GO [/b]

we lost

Uhmmmm.. there was only 1 turnover... and THAT was the difference.. and it wasn't even a turnover!!!!

OH...thanks for that Mr. Optomism :roll: I didn't notice.

we lost

I suggest you might like to be a little more positive. There is lots to like about what we saw today! :thup:

Against any other team in the CFL, those numbers give you a win. It kills me that they lost, and Im always the last person to think about the 'positives' out of a loss but this game really has given me optimism for the rest of the season.

we still lost

...a game in which the opponent was by far the league's best team, and is undefeated at home.

I know a win would have been preferable though.

we still lost

So answer me this please...

Are you going to dwell on the negative or get behind the team?

If your defense had been able to make a few stops, you'd have won easily. Glenn was carving us up through the air, playing perfect football in the 20+ yard game.

Marcel Bellefeuille has cost us a home playoff berth and quite possibly a playoff spot. And the Cats, with Glenn starting, is the team that can beat Montreal. I fear, thanks to stupid, stubborn, boneheaded decisions by a rookie head coach, that we will never get the chance to play them again this season.
Marcel was a failure as an OC and now as a HC.

God knows I'm not an MB fan, but I'm stunned by the fact that he's getting drawn and quartered for the loss while Greg Marshall's defense is getting away scot-free of blame.

I'm not blaming MB for this game, just most of the others we have lost because he chose a struggling rookie QB over a proven veteran QB.
Today's game was thoroughly enjoyable to watch. For the first time in a while we were making completions down field. Going long. scoring TDs. We looking almost like a normal CFL football team.
ALL THANKS TO GLEN with a little help from Arland Bruce.
Two players who a lot of ignorant people on this list didn't think should be playing.
God help us.

CFL PROVEN QB 500 PLUS case closed :thdn: :roll: against the BEST D :roll: IN THEIR HOUSE!