Glenn should start vs BC

The offense just looks totally different with Glenn under centre.

He's got a lot of zip on the ball tonite.

Agreed he hasn't been impressive in any of his starts looked ok against BC but bad vs the peg and bad vs the argos in his last 4 quaters and a bit he has put up 12 points total not good enough. By the looks of things if we had any offense this game it maybe a different story right now and we'd be winning.

Second game in a row and Kevin almost pulled it out for another victory.
He should have had the one TD which Pavlovic had and if he tucks it in well then.
Anyway, a second rather poor game from Quinton. Again, when the change was made Glenn had the old "mo" on his side and was able to move the team big time.

A little late my friend...............


I don't think he should start, but if problems arise he DOES need to be in sooner. Had he been in sooner tonight, this could've been a different game.

Why are you still talking about teh BC game we won! Its over Porter won the game for us so stop complaining about that hes talking about a totally different game.

Glenn does look so much more decisive and deliberate. He also throws a better ball.

Um...........we play BC next Friday. What are you talking about?

I think if Glenn had of been in after the 1st Q, we would in the VERY least have been playing to win near the end there, this game was VERY winnable the way the D held the Als to 21 points!!!

Porter didnt have a "poor" gamehe had an average game. And your an argo fan you guys cant even spell football

We need to see a full game with Glenn and let Porter sit and watch.

Porter is not playing bad, but the offense doesn't have a rythym with him and we don't put up majors.

I gotta say as much as I was pulling for Porter this year, they have to run with Glenn next week. He moved the ball with confidence and poise. If he can do that and Hamilton can continue to play solid defensively, they could make some noise.

I like how they do it now. Glenn Cleans up when everyone played all night long! We only really missed Otis Floyd and Adams when he when down. Keep you head up Guys ,Montreal is the class of the leaque and we could of beat them if we were more healthy! #71 had a great game and there were a few good plays but not alot!


Glenn can start and Porter can still be the future.

I have a man crush on Porter. I love how this kid plays. I mentioned to the people I sit with at games, before someone mentioned it on the 5th qtr last year that he looks like Mike Kerrigan.

I think we need more consistency at the WR position ie not changing so much and actually getting open.

Porter is the future and it will be bright.

How is Porter going to get any better if we don't use him? Porter is our future not Glenn! Let me remind you that Glenn has had over 9 years as a QB and will not be playing for much longer. Anthony Cavillo has had over 13 years as a QB and reached his greatest potential after 7 years. He almost gave up after Hamilton. Do you really want to shun Porter and have him go to another team and become the next Anthony C. Show some patience with QP he played a good game and will only get better.

Don't those two sentences contradict each other. Glenn is 30. Not old at all for a QB.

Do you really want to shun Porter and have him go to another team and become the next Anthony C.
Who has said that?
Anthony Cavillo has had over 13 years as a QB
It's 16 I think, which means Glenn could have another 7 years and then some if you want to compare.

We are not saying that this is permanent. You sit Porter down for a game or two and he can see how he has to play to succeed.

Porter has all the tools to play this game really well. Look at the Montreal game last year. He has all the potential in the world. He just needs to fine tune his game.

I agree that he has to play but I am not opposed for sitting him for a game or two. Glenn is not the long term answer. The earlier you start Porter, the faster he will pick up the game. He won't learn anything sitting on the bench for more than a game or two.

Glenn has already been an MVP candidate. He's 6 years younger than AC....aren't you even curious to see him start a game or two and see what he does. Why don't you start him till you lose. AC platooned with Tracy Ham for a couple doesn't hurt going with the veteran for a bit...

If you are going with Glenn in order for Porter to learn from him and still be our main QB than I agree. QP could gain valuable insite in watching Glenn but not being replaced by him.