Glenn says trade me....

....Glenn wants out of Ottawa....Was bound to come but I wonder if the RedBlacks will comply with his wishes....Could keep him on and have a very unhappy qb. ORRRRR take what they can get from some club????? :roll:

Take what they can get. Martin St. Louis as we see. Once you go public, gonzo.

Wow, the person who hacked his Twitter was REALLY on the ball then! :thup:

If Glenn want to be a starter, I hear the USFL is starting up again.. :wink:

If they were smart they would trade him before camp starts.

No need to have that distraction.

Weird...there is no possible landing spot for him as a starter. He's better off waiting for a Burris falter.

Maybe land in Toronto as insurance for Ray? Or BC? Edm.?

Career suicide??

Hamilton will have Glenn and Peirce to choose from once Collaros loses his confidence :twisted:


They should trade him when they get a decent offer. Wally who's the toughest guy to get something out of is trying to get him for nothing. He might be more compliant when camp starts. I'd hold on to him till a starter goes down. Even if they tell him to sit at home until they can trade him.

Really at this point I think every team is happy with the player they have picked as their starter. Glenn would be again among the top back ups if no the top back up. Calgary again will have a couple of good back ups.

I think in Hamilton after all of Austins QBs have 3 QBs all with two years of CFL under there belt and a good QB in McGee could arise one if not two good back ups as well.

BC banking on the experience of John Becks NFL career right now.

Montreal banking on second year gunslinger Marsh

Riders two very young back ups both in only second year of pro experience neither with any PT.

Bombers Willy is ready to take that step behind him Brohm solid pro expereince and a year of learning and CFL practice. Max
Hall now enetring 3rd pro season with PT in the NFL and CFL. Difference for Hall in winnipeg this year is that he has two other expereinced and healthy typ QBs

Ottawa does trade Glenn are they comfortable with Demarco having to take of for a long stretch if needed

Argos still have Trevor Harris who got lost in the Collaros hype but still impressed now entering his 3rd CFL season and 5th as apro.

Edmonton also may feel a lot better with Glenn behind their young franchise QB.

A first round pick would be unlikley. Exception maybe the Riders with a late first round pick and hardly any pro expereince at back up.

Who ever does get Glenn will have no worries should they need a fill in for several games. At the end of the season though every team would want their guy playing.

Glenn got two really good shots the last two seasons to win a Grey Cup even if he was not the planned guy teamates and coaches were very comfortable with him and he earned the chance to play both seasons. It just did not happen and at 34 now he may just be marked as the experienced back up guy.

Glenn needs to get released and then just wait for a couple or 3 weeks into the season when some sustains a catastrophic injury... Like last season I think almost every QB got hurt....It doesn't say much for the quality of this league when the 10th leading passer of alltime has spent most of his career as the likes of Quinton Porter's back up.

You really can't resist the hyper-critical slams can you? Firstly, KG was a starter for much of his career, and for those years (other than his first couple in the league) when he wasn't THE #1 QB he ended-up starting a lot of games. That there are good QB's like KG as back-ups speaks FOR the quality of the league, not against it.

If you are going to be critical at least be critical with some logic instead of this absurdity.

It is going to be difficult for Marcel to get full value now for Glenn. Other teams have their guys in place going into the season. Hamilton and Winnipeg could probably use an experienced back up, but would it have an effect on their young starters thinking one mistake and Glenn would be replacing them.
Maybe the best place would be BC wanting to have insurance at QB for a run at the GC in their own stadium. Lulay is the established QB so wouldn't feel threatened by having Glenn around as a backup. The best scenario for Ottawa IMO would be to get a QB back in the trade with CFL experience to give them some depth in case Burris goes down.
This doesn't look like it going to be a smooth transaction however it goes.

This is why it confuses me with Glenn wants out. He will never find a starting position in this league unless he goes to Winnipeg and competes with Willy. He should just bide his time in Ottawa until Burris goes down.

So Glenn says trade me.....What a Surprise!!!! Don't blame the guy at all.Good luck to Mr.Marcel "Buffoon" Desjardins getting anything of value in a trade,every G.M. knows about the situation in Ottawa,why would they offer them anything of value??
It continues to amaze me how a total incompetent like Desjardins still has a job in this league,he must be related to someone or have something on someone higher up.He'll be lucky to get a bag of practice balls and some used kicking tees in return in a trade.This guy is a real beauty,his team hasn't even played a game yet,and he's already got dissension in the ranks.I can already see the scenario unfolding this year in Ottawa if Burris goes down,you'll see them scrambling for a replacement and Glenn will be long gone to another team.It makes you wonder,what the plan is going to be in a couple of years when a 40 something Burris hangs them up,whats Desjardin going to do then? Give the starting job to DeMarco? IMO this whole situation is going to blow-up big time in Desjardin's face.I sincerely hope that Ottawa's return will be successful,but with this moron in charge I have my doubts,the sooner you get rid of this idiot the better off you'll be.

Are you still beating this ridiculous drum?

Here's what Desjardins did.

  1. Chose Glenn in an expansion draft.
  2. Said they would continue to explore options at every position, QB included.
  3. Signed another veteran QB.

Here's what Glenn did.

  1. Upon being chosen, incorrectly assumed he was handed the starting job, despite Desjardins saying the exact opposite publically.
  2. Upon hearing that Burris was signed, threw a tantrum.
  3. Went public with his discontent accidently, then made up a ridiculous lie about it.
  4. Now goes public to basically admit he lied and that he asked for a trade which is unlikely to land him in a different position anyway.

Glenn is the buffoon. He handled the whole thing incorrectly at every turn. But don't let logic enter your evaluation of the situation or anything. Go on with your childish grudge instead.

Here's what Desjardins said the day of the draft.

Although he now has Glenn and DeMarco in tow, Desjardins said he’ll be active in free agency to land other quarterbacks. Toronto’s Zach Collaros, Saskatchewan’s Drew Willy, Hamilton’s Henry Burris and Edmonton’s Matt Nichols are all slated to become free agents in February.

“There’s a couple of good options out there and we’re certainly going to pursue those,? he said. “There’s no reason why we can’t be aggressive in that area.

“We’ve got a veteran, (that) doesn’t mean we can’t add another one. We have a young guy, (that) doesn’t mean we can’t add another. There’s three or four obvious guys out there and we’ll certainly reach out to all of them when the time comes.?

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I think you are right along the lines of how and who may show interest in Glenn. As of Now BC is not even certain that Lulay will be ready for training camp. Right now their best option is the 32 year old NFL Vet in Beck. Beck is a Qb along the lines of JT O'Sullivan who gave one season to the Riders and was able to pick up the CFL fairly quickly.
However I would much rather have Kevin Glenn. For BC I think it could be the break they have been looking for. Going into last season unprepred for life without Lulay cost them big as Demarco was not up to the task at all.

Both Hamilton and Winnipeg have their stable of QBs now on the younger side but all with pro playing experience and all have been in the CFL for at least one season now.

The Riders is another choice IMHO. sure they can talk up Suseri like BC did Demarco but Sunseri will only be entering his second pro season and has played in just one game. The Riders loaded up last season for the Grey Cup winning season. To make another serious run they will need a better Back up QB for insurance.

Question is what will either team be willing to give up for Glenn, a first round pick will be out of the question.

Also brings back that Ottawa will want another Back up QB that would be an upgrade from Demarco.


1)If Desjardin wanted Burris in the 1rst place,he could’ve drafted him instead of Glenn,it’s almost a 100%certainty that the Cats left Burris unprotected in the draft
2)Why bother drafting Glenn,if you have no intention of him being the starter,after all his record in Calgary is 20-8 starting
3)Signs Burris and anoints him the starter,relegating Glenn to 2nd string status regardless of who performs better.


1)Why wouldn’t Glenn figure that being drafted by an expansion team,that he wouldn’t have a decent shot as the #1 QB,don’t ever recall Desjardins claiming they drafted Glenn as their 2nd stringer publically
2)He threw a tantrum,because the RB’s declared Burris as #1,they didn’t sign him to have an open competition for the job.
3)LOL no defense on this one,Glenn screwed up,no doubt about that
4)It was no secret that Glenn was not to happy with the situation as it unfolded and would eventually request a trade,why play for an organization that doesn’t show you any respect disses you for thinking that they drafted him as their QB,only to have that team show a double standard and sign someone else and automatically give him the #1 job without giving Glenn an honest shot at it…Let’s face it here,Desjardins must have knew no matter who started the other guy would be pissed at not starting and he didn’t sign Hank to sit him on the bench,so noway that Glenn get’s a chance at being #1 with Burris on board no matter how good he plays,only way that Glenn get’s the job is if Burris is carried off on a stretcher.

I honestly don’t know what Desjardin was thinking about when he made this move,what did he expect Glenn to say or do?perhaps say…Gee that’s terrific,great move,I’m looking forward to carrying a clipboard for you guys this year…You can’t tell me that Desjardins couldn’t see this being a scenario that could lead to the situation that its now become.The whole scenario could turn very ugly,very quickly!!! and like I said earlier every GM is aware of the situation and won’t offer Desjardins diddly squat for Glenn because of it.In a nutshell this whole incident could have been avoided and handled better by management as well as Glenn,but Desjardins wanting to show everybody how smart he was went ahead with signing both players,without seeing what the consequences might have been and mark my words,it will blow up in his face,especially if god forbid Burris goes down with a serious injury at some point this season,and he’s left scrambling for a new starting QB.
You might defend Desjardins right now CR,but trust me,it won’t take long before you start realizing that he leaves a lot to be desired as a GM and will be calling for his head before long!!! Hopefully you guys have a half decent 1rst season in spite of him running the show,hopefully he doesn’t screw things up to bad for you Ottawa fans next year.

  1. Because he was going to be a free agent! Why take the chance when you KNOW you can get a player under contract from Hamilton yet still compete for Burris with a veteran player on the roster at the position in your back pocket if you don't get Henry?

  2. Because if you CAN"T improve at the position, you're comfortable going with Glenn. An expansion draft is for a core base of talent, not a guarantee to every guy taken that they're the untouchable starter at the position. Hell, half those guys won't make the team. There's a reason why they were available in the first place.

  3. Because Burris is more popular, marketable and accomplished. Winnipeg did the same thing with Willy! And it's hardly set in stone. If Burris blows and Glenn shines, they can always switch. If they do though, I'd be willing to bet that Burris will handle it a lot better.

Look at how Burris behaved after getting cut in favour of Collaros. Did he freak out on social media and call the Ti-Cats names? Did he cry about disrespect? No, he found another opportunity and embraced it.

Austin spoke directly to Burris about his release Thursday morning, but the veteran pivot didn't share Austin's reasoning, if any, to his agent. Burris threw nearly 5,000 yards in 2013, despite sharing snaps with Dan LeFervour and Jeremiah Masoli. But Gittings never heard Burris express any frustrations.

Glenn, meanwhile, has spent the last two months on some "woe is me" routine.

Yesterday, the team also quietly released Nick Setta because of a recent workout in which Setta didn't look good. But no one knew about this, to fans it came out of nowhere.

Well, the same is true with Glenn. These guys (I'm including the coaches) know him and spend a lot of time with him. Having seen Burris and Glenn in action lately, I think there's no question which displays the better attitude, for one thing. I suspect that glenn didn't inspire much confidence.

Consider that there's maybe a reason why Glenn is so rarely given the keys to the car. Not just by Desjardins but by other clubs around the league. He said the tweets earlier were not in his character. Yeah, well, it seems they actually very much are.