Glenn’s in a zone, making smart decisions

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Kevin Glenn has very quietly assembled a superb month and a half.

“He’s just throwing the ball real well, that’s the biggest part of it,? says Hamilton Tiger-Cats offensive co-ordinator Khari Jones. “He’s getting good reads and not forcing balls into bad situations.?

Bingo, full card, on the latter observation. Only seasoned Glenn observers would recognize that as the biggest improvement in the Hamilton quarterback’s game over last year, when he exceeded 5,000 yards in passing and set a franchise record with 33 touchdown passes.

There are really no bigger-than-life numbers so far this time around, except this one: He has thrown one interception in the past five games.

And how did the Tiger-Cats fare in that quintet of matches since opening ominously with two losses? Oh, just 4-and-1. If you don’t think there’s a co-relationship between those positive facts, then your smart pills prescription needs renewing.

Jones told Glenn before this season the Ticats were going to do more things to make him comfortable in the backfield, and they have, and that he likely wouldn’t reach 5,000 passing yards this year, which he won’t. (He’s on a pace for 4,500).

Good story about our best players on offence.

Thanks for posting Cap'n

Glenn,Cobourne,Medlock and Stala are terrific players!

The bummers will go from swaggerville to STAGGERVILLE after the Cats knock them out on Friday.

My only concern with KG is that he had 3 or 4 sure interceptions dropped by the D during this 5 game stretch. I know it's sometimes better to be lucky than good, but I wouldn't necessarily say that he has been performing at the level SM and KJ are claiming. :wink:

He'll have real test the next 3 Games if we win 2 out 3
I will be thirlled

I disagree. DBs are dropping ball all the time on every team.

Tomorrow night will be a real test given the Bombers' pass rush and the way their DBs blanketed our receivers in game 1. Can't let strong defensive pressure force turnovers.

Bombers have a terrific plus/minus turnover ratio leading the league.

Winnipeg +19
Montreal.. +4
Hamilton.. +2
Edmonton ..0
B.C. Lions .-4
Sask...... - 12

Pardon my ignorance, but why do they call that a ratio? It seems to me that it's a difference.

It's a differatio. :wink:

I think they usually refer to it simply as "plus-minus" or "giveaway-takeaway". Occasionally someone mistakenly throws in the word "ratio", perhaps because the usual term doesn't have any units. I agree with you that it's really a difference: "turnovers gained minus turnovers lost". Or perhaps "net turnovers (gained)".

More math questions from PiCat - the same guy (I believe) who was talking a while back about the standard deviation of Cobourne's game-by-game rushing stats. I'll bet that standard deviation has shrunk considerably after the past three games:


He's averaging 66 yards per game, and in more than half the games he's been within 10 yards (+/-) of that average. In 5 of the 7 games he has had between 13 and 15 carries. It's that kind of consistency that has allowed him to sneak into the #3 rusher spot without ever really having a dominant game.

Nice stats Expat, I love stats. I appended his receiving yards, and while not as conissitent, still quite complemenatary for the most part