Glenn Released

Why didn't we release him 9 days ago? Instead, we gave him his 50k bonus than give him his walking papers. I can't seem to rationalize the move at THIS POINT. Before March 1st, I wouldn't have argued with releasing Glenn but I don't get why now. Maybe there is something we don't know at this point...

The LeFors era has officially started.

The bonus wasn't payable on 1 March, it was to become due this coming weekend:

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:D My bad, got a little fired up I guess. Now that thats straighten up, I revert to my original stance of no complaining about Glenn's release. He wasn't going to have a shot anyways in camp so I don't know why we'd pay a guy a load of money to sit on the bench.

KellyWonka it is brown but it isn't chocolate factory....

Sooo, who'll be the QB for the Bombers? Seems there's a few question marks there...

Lefors is the clear number one, in Kelly's eyes.

Kelly did imply, he will take a look at some of the guys from the other leagues down south that are now looking for work.

Trust the 'database'.

That database has become an ICON LOL!

Better hope Murph dosen't get his laptop stolen. Who was it that had their laptop stolen last year? Mike Benevides I think.

Murph what QB's in your DB are available? Well Mike...I have 865, who do you want me to call? Mike: How many are not on neg lists? Murph: Not sure...Well how many have you spoken with? :slight_smile: Murph: Come on ! Can't we just call Jason Medlock?

Stay tune for more exciting stories from THE DATABASE !

If the database goes missing, there is always Tamans napkins.

Seriously though, Kelly would have been even more of clown if he had paid Glenn his $150K and brought him to camp. Sure he might have been more trade worthy, but really by then, what is the most you could expect to get for the guy ?

Should have cut him loose the day after they signed Lefors if he wasn't going to renegotiate.

My optic is a little different. I think Kelly should have done what Trestman did in Montreal last year and deliver his message ot his veterans and give them an opportunity at camp to show what they have. It worked well in Montreal an it would have given Kelly some time to come in and make his decisions based on facts instead of relying on film or stats from a year where evidently there were coaching issues, the reason for Kelly being there in the fist place.

Kelly opted to come in like a bull in a china shop. Just about everything he's done so far screams lack of self-confidence and lack of maturity and this translated really badly to an already beaten up group of generaly good guys and athletes. Imagine going from Madman Berry to an even angrier Kelly.

Every time I hear him talk himself up as in " I teached leadership classes" I laugh a little more. Anyone can teach a class, anyone. It is how the students can put in practice and improve themselves by those teachings. I don't care what Kelly's knowledge or self perceived knowledge he has or thinks he has if it isn't delivered with heart, compassion and a practical understanding of his "students" it means shiat. I don't see that compassion and respect.

Now he has cap money that's it. Oh and the database... ...IF you can't trade the guy...we're not going to wear his contract....It has just come to light that Kelly is NOT totally to blame for the way things went with Kevin....apparently when Kelly was trying to make a move with Glenn, a 'certain' team released that info to the press...Kelly really had no choice but to 'get what he could' considering the circumstances...Personally i'm glad to see this has been quite a deliberation.....TIME TO MOVE ON... :thup:

I totally agree it's time to move on..............that said, however, I do blame Kelly mainly for the circus this turned out to be. I concur wholeheartedly with this article:

[url=] ... 6-sun.html[/url]

But time moves we can wait to see where Kevin "Albatross" Glenn ends up, and what kind of a coach Kelly turns out to be.........i think we already have a pretty good clue as to what kind of PR guy he is.................someone in this thread or another referred to a bull in a china shop, and that's pretty apropos I think.

People come in all different shapes and sizes. Just because one person uses a fly paper and another uses a fly swatter, they both can kill the fly. So who’s to say which is better, it’s a matter of preference.

As Deng Xiaoping once said, "I don't care if the cat is black or white, as long as it catches mice."

....Did Deng ever coach in the CFL MadJack, :lol: .......I like his reasoning....there is NO discrimination in that thinking :lol:

TC had a saying :slight_smile: "The quiet Cat catches more mice then the noisy Cat. LOL!

Papa, you won't believe this. The Als have signed another linebacker :lol:

Lefors and Randall are very similar type qb's. Both are fast and throw accurately on the run. I suspect that at some point, Kelly see's Randall surpassing Lefors and becoming a star in the league. if not, then he still has him as a capable back up he can plug into a familiar offense.

Capable backup? Has Randall even played an entire game in the CFL?

Glen is gone,sorry to hear that for the bombers fans.The best you got is Lefors,sorry to hear that too!Four other QBs that havnt seen any playing time in the CFL,Milt is gone,guess Hamilton has a chance of beating someone this season.Stay the course bombers fans,maybe they can find Nelone Greene.....too funny!

...Are you sleeping too close to a gas leak....... :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: