Glenn pulled...why?

Why did they keep pulling Glenn in favour of Porter?
I think it hurt his rhythm more than helped.

Sure did...bad coaching tonight..

I detected no change in rhythm.

I detected no rhythm.

That rythm we had in the scoring drive in the 4th quarter was BEAUTIFUL! Why couldn’t we do that ealier? Trying to force the ball where you shouldn’t, like trying to fit a fat lady through a doggy door, just won’t work.

Hard not to get dizzy with the QB's going round and round. Just stick with one guy.

I think Glenn needed to catch his breath, hence Porter going in for a couple of series. Glenn loves to go down field lots, maybe too much. 2nite his passes were not crisp and accurate. He short hopped a couple which could have been catches. I dont see a problem putting in Porter. He is the future.