Glenn or quit

basically the way i see it if we dont have glenn by next game we mite as well not play next game and also if glenns not there for any other game we mite as well quit cuz weve never won without him

What are you, four? "If Glenn can't play we should take our ball and go home?? Where is your spirit of competition?

But you do have impeccible reasoning skills.....for a four year old......

All I have to say is I can't wait to we have Glenn back :slight_smile: God last year I would have smacked myself for saying that :wink: .

you never know what the outcome of a CFL game will be, we only lost by 3 points, to just give up now would be stupid.

....Don't count on Glenn coming back for Labour Day clash.....he's already hedging on making a return.....IF ...he dosen't come back....i think Taman better go and get a NO 1 quarterback for this team.....Kevin is just too injury prone to ever depend on....we have to have a more durable guy ....with as much talent....Too bad....cuz he was playing so well....but over the years and having watched a lot of football ...the winning clubs we have had in Wpg......always had a tough ...guy at the helm....who could take a hit...(example Khari... Clements ...and going way back Brock..Jonas ....Ploen)....Those guys
were able to survive in the crunch....i don't see that with Glenn...Take a look a guy like Buck Pierce....this guy took a brutal hit from one of our best up and kept on tickin....I am afraid Glenn is a lot like D.D. and we will always be he get up after that big hit....Time to start looking for a rugged type with intelligence.... we may have to 'eat it' the rest of the year with a lame qb. ....and i know a few Bomber fans are not going to be too happy with that...signed ...we're stuck' :cry:

Can't go to the corner store a grab a number 1 QB Papa. You have to develop them. Pierce has taken a couple of years to develop, and he's still not a starting QB(yet).

You had a potential backup in Spergon Wynn, but Taman let him go to the Argos. Yes, he only won 1 game when Allen was down, but how many have the current Bomber backups won? Where are all the backups from Last years Bombers who got all those reps? (Michna - Gone, Martin - Gone)

Quarterbacks take time to develop.

....unless you pick them up in a trade from another club....which is always possible in the CFL.....I agree should always be developing the most important position on your team....but first of all you have to find them........some turn out to be duds....i'm sure you remember guys like Brothers.....we have a good potential talent pool on our neg. list....but you can't always tell how they're going to pan out....if you find a Buck're lucky...we're probably going to be bringing in a few nfl go along with what we have.. (Dinwiddie)...but it's all speculation.....i have a hunch that there's a trade in the works... :roll: :roll:

No doubt about that Sport, I think the Bombers thought Brad Banks was a lot farther along then what he has shown, but to be honest, I would rather be losing with that kid (Banks) then some aging never was been like Quinn. Hopefully Berry realizes that guys just dont walk into the league ready to go. Give Banks the reps he needs to develop.

With the recent rumours of Jason Maas on the trade block we could make a trade for him where we could have come off the bench kinda like edmonton of last year

that would be a good idea in return we could give away 1st round pick and a reciver