Glenn or Porter ?

Should it be Glenn or Porter? Our history the last several years tells me Glenn is mostly warm to hot, but can be very cold in games, especially big games (playoffs). With history as our witness and the current team profile, it appears the odds are really against us winning consecutuve playoff games....ending in the Cup.

Porter has shown flashes over his 4 years here and yes he can run. Dang if Glen would run more ( even just 3 or 4 times more per game) than it would be a positive benefit to the dimensions of our attack related to the defensive schemes and positioning we're up against. could just be a D-man leaning in, lining up a certain way, or executing a play in a subconscious reaction to that threat that might develop with Glenn running. I would tend to lean toward the side that, that is a good thing for our Offence in the overal scheme of things.

But Glenn doesn't do it. Why? We know he's not fast. (Saw that again today on his one run....I remmeber his last year in the Peg, where he used to get clobbered and hurt alot when he ran. So, I don't mind the early slides.). We know he's not elusive. But, we also know he doesn't have the quick release of a Danny Mac. So run Glenn run. Slide a few yards early like today, but look to runnnnn more.

Brings me to my next point. Glenn is not the quick releaser that Danny Mac was. Porter appears even worse in that area. That is why I'm not sold on putting Porter in as a starter. He sits in the pocket way too long and either gets hits or has to scramble.

Work on the quick release in practice Kahari! With both QB's, all receivers and the X's and O'x. Time the QB's and count % of completions. Then make a decision. Something has to give here.

I agree the Glen is hot and cold. Today I was wondering if his thumb was bothering him because he was way off early. When his throws were there, the receivers did not do a good job of holding onto the ball. Seems to me the Cats tanked this one, they seemed to lack desire, missed tackles, and made little or no adjustments from the last game. Montreal made adjustments and working the Ticats all day.

My opinion is that Porter has gone down hill over the last few years. When we bring him into a game, usually because we are down and out of it, he does not seem sharp either in reading defenses or throwing the ball. I expect the backup to be able to come in and move the team particularly when they are down by so many points.

He looks like he needs to spend more time viewing film and getting an understand of what the defenses are giving him.

We've been having this debate for 3 years now. Porter has shown that he has some decent attributes but he has one main flaw that he hasn't been able to overcome. His reads are WAY too slow. Every time he goes out he gets that deer in the headlights look and either takes a sack or after he panics bolts down the field for 10-15 yards. A couple of years ago he was fumbling alot and lately he's been throwing interceptions. 3 in just 25 passes. His QB rating is only 28%. I really want to cheer for the guy but he hasn't progressed that well.

I have not missed a second of any Ticat game for the longest time, and I have watch all of the 30 minutes of sort of"real" play time that Porter has had over the last 2 1/2 seasons, I need to state that there is NO WAY any of us can sit here and access his abilities or future based on what we have seen. If you can I insist you rush to the TiCat office and apply to be coach or at lease a scout.

For the record Glenn is has been and always will a .500 QB thats what he gives and thats what we get. Thats a carreer .500.

LOL, Porter and his 28 QB rating?


I can't believe you guys are seriously considering a QB change. Glenn is a legit CFL starter who has the occasional bad day. Porter is your basic Michael Bishop 0.7 model -- he can run, and chuck a nice-looking deep ball to his primary read if he's open, and arm-punt that same deep ball if said read isn't open. That's about it. He can't read coverages, he can't check down, and his TD-to-INT ratio this season is a sparkling 1-5.

You have not seen him play any more then 30 minutes of meanlessing time for over 2 years, I dont believe you can access any player based on that time played.

What I do know is Porter has perfectly executed every time in the roll he has been assigned this season.

No offense, but your logic here is basically a George W. Bush-ism, i.e. "The absence of evidence isn't evidence of absence."

By that logic, I can argue that Quinton Porter is the second coming of Doug Flutie. Why? Because we have no evidence to suggest otherwise. :lol:

I based my evaluation on Porter's ability in the time he's played the past two years. Regardless of the urgency of the situation, he has not displayed any particular ability to read coverages, move the football, or do anything other than chuck the ball to his first read or scramble when that first read is taken away. He has shown nothing to indicate he's capable of running a pro offense full-time in the CFL.

What I do know is Porter has perfectly executed every time in the roll he has been assigned this season.
Sure, because executing short-yardage sneaks is the sum total of a starting QB's responsibilities.

"I saw my friend pluck out a G-D-C chord progression on the guitar -- he's good enough to play free jazz!"

If you had not missed a second then you would know that Porter played in and started several games to close out the 2008 season. He also was the starter and played for the first few games of the 2009 season before he was eventually benched and assigned to short yardage plays. All the times since that he has been applied, usually in mop up time, there is a collective cringe amongst the Ti-cat fanbase. Usually the result is a sack, pick, fumble and if we're lucky just a 2 and out. Don't tell me that you haven't noticed that pattern because based on fan reaction at the stadium, and expert analysis by people like the TSN panel, the rest of sure as hell have.

Dont bother with crap, explain to me your expertize in accessing football talent better then the staff the TiCats have hired and kept?

yes I realize he played in 2008, started 2009 didnt finish and has not played since, that would be 2010 and current 2011.

close 2 1/2 years or 2 full seasons by now.

I really am sick of reading this crap from our fans. We dont know what our record would be, had we never signed Glenn, however IMHO I believe we could be better had Porter struggled through, but at least no worse then the .500 team we are now.

You're right I will not bother with your crap anymore. According to justafan we all need to be "experts" to have any say or opinion on the Ti-cats. So what is the point of having this forum them. Let's just scrap the non-expert fanbase forum. Then we can all just read Avon's tweets and read the Scratching Post.

Explain to me how your 'expertize' (sic) is better then (sic) the Ticats staff, since they have gone with Glenn as the starter and Porter as the backup?

Then post as a fan and not an expert. I read so many comments that sound like experts on here.

BTW this wouldnt be the first time the entire Ticats fan base or the experts on TSN were wrong.

Never once said Porter should start, just that I think we have spun the tires the last 2 seasons with these over and over again outcomes.

You’re right. This post shouldn’t even exist. There is no debate as to who the starting QB should be.

So what is your point, exactly?

So you enjoyed the way "our" starter played today and you have no concerns about his abilities?

Do you really believe we will win with him?

The quarterback gets too much credit when the team wins and too much blame when the team loses.

Glenn didn't give up 400+ passing yards to Calvillo, blow coverages on Montreal receivers in the end zone, or allow Montreal's O-line to push the pocket 7 yards on an average running play from scrimmage. Nor was he responsible for Hamilton receivers dropping balls. Did he have a great game? No. But he wasn't the main problem today, just like he hasn't been the reason Hamilton hasn't been able to get over the playoff hump the past two years.

My point is IMO had we not signed Glenn and struggled with Porter allowing his growth we would be a better team today.
Thus spinning the tires !!!

Every player that suceeds gets the opportunity to fight through the rough patches. Porter has not had that opportunity.

That's some nice baseless, completely unverifiable speculation. You enter the picture with a preconceived, unsubstantiated idea that Porter is worth developing. With this bias in mind, you spin out an alternate history that somehow has the Tiger-Cats in a better position in 2011, leaving out the lost games, regression, and frustration that would be the inevitable result of going with a raw starting QB, not to mention the impact on Hamilton's ability to attract free agents (think Avon Cobourne would have signed in Hamilton if you'd finished 2010 at 6-12 with Porter at the controls?).

Every player that suceeds gets the opportunity to fight through the rough patches. Porter has not had that opportunity.
Patently incorrect. Porter had every opportunity to 'fight through rough patches' in 2009, but having shown himself to be incapable of being more than a Michael Bishop impersonator, he was replaced by Glenn. You rail against Kevin Glenn for being no more than a .500 QB, but even if we accept the (flawed) logic that Glenn is somehow 100% responsible for Hamilton's record, you have absolutely no evidence to suggest that the team would be better with Porter at the controls. You're just speculating based on a pipe dream.