Glenn or Michna?

IMO, if we start Glenn in 2006, we're gonna be royally f****d. maybe i'm a bit too harsh, but michna should be the guy in 06. Commentators keep saying that glenn's got good stats, but stats dont say worth sh**! not with glenn. having printers or maas would also help, but winnipeg wont go after big names, so they're out of the question.

Michna? I dunno, I think you'd be better off giving Wynn a shot.

i should have included wynn but he hasnt even been heard of this season. he wasnt even 2nd or 3rd string, for what reason i dont know.

If you can put Tee Martin in as back-up you can give Wynn a try at least. What was Daley thinking all year?!

i agree with you, maybe thats why daley needs to go.

Glenn has good numbers, but lets experiment in the pre season.

wynn is the man with glenn and michna battling it out for backup

sell the team to the Aspers.. which I believe is already in the works because Aspers have already approached WPG. city council and the Provincial govt...get rid of Taman and Bauer.. Daley will probably announce today he is done... then.have David Asper negotiate directly with Casey Printers...and there's your I dreaming....hold on to your hats guys.....oh ..on the question of QB. for now....I have always said Michna...and after the last game I will stick with that ...Glenn has proven to me that he is only a good or great back-up..... :!:

well, it's finally over - thank god - i thought i'd never say that about my beloved bombers, but this season was just too painful. highlight of my season - creaming bc! anyways, glenn's not that bd, but i don't think he's shown the leadership to be take team to the cup, .... and WIN!

if we don't go out shopping for maas or printers, i think wynn may be the one with either glenn or michna backing-up. i wasn't that impressed with michna as everyone else seems to be though. he gets in late when the games are well at hand so what he does doesn't mean a whole helluva lot! like yesterday, who cares what he did, the stamps were "laughing" all the way to the win and the play-offs.

Glenn, is overall the better QB, again michna was just against a Defense that was just trying to end the time, when michna was against a defense that was trying to do somthing, he did worse than glenn, Glenn for starter next year

No more Glenn...He gave it his shot and he failed. Time to sit and give someone else a turn. Printers or Maas would be awsome. And why are we so afraid of picking up a popular name?

goldbolt - it's called money!!! ..... and the bombers don't have a lot of it! i say that the bombers should sell to local, private ownership if possible and let someone with deep pockets get a legitimate star qb. ...... and BTW - Glenn never failed, the whole team failed in my opinion. Glenn is still a decent qb, just not what i'd call star material. then again, we did win a cup with Salisbury and i never thought he was that good either!!!

I don't understand why Wynn wasn't used this year, yet Tee Martin was. Tee Martin was a friggin joke. I'd give Glenn another shot next year he seems to be pretty capable at times. And to back him up Wynn. This is however if you can't obtain any star qbs in the offseason. Mass, ?Ray?, Printers...

Here's an idea. BC and Edmonton Are Having quaterback contriversies. Y they both have top line CFL quaterbacks. I would love to see Printers, or Maas come to Winnipeg. Now isn;t that a good idea. 1 team cannot have to CFL all star quaterbacks it just doesn't work. BC can keep Pierce and release Printers, and Edmonton can release maas and keep their other back up. And if they ain't coming to an ending contract soon let's keep trading cuz well taman seems to be doing good in that catergory.