Glenn or Joseph...

...which aged veteran can take their team further?

I missed most of the Cal-Tor game, but I’d say Glenn, because at least Calgary was able to move the ball and point up points. Glenn could maybe win you guys a few games while you wait for Tate to return (any word on how serious the injuries is?) I doubt Joseph ever wins another game in his career.

Although I am understandably a bigger fan of KJ, I feel like Kevin Glenn has a much better team.

Yep, I love KJ to death but I have to say Glenn.


The whole offence was.

Glenn appears to have some guys on the O-Line who can actually block a pass rush, so I'm going with him.

...Is Kerry Joseph a qb. in this league....Didn`t look like one last night :lol: Horrible showing....He makes Kevin look like Doug Flutie

NO the QBS Jyles and the other old guy KJ looked TERRIBLE. Weak, bad terrible. Oh ya it was the receivers fault for all the missed passes. Charles played a very good game. Riders defence Teed-off and blitzed to put major pressure on esk QBs, which all teams will do with inexperienced oline & weak QBs

Glenn a much better passer and was on his way to a Grey Cup in 07 until he broke his arm. Glenn a smarter qb as well. KJ has legs, that is it. kj isnt as fast as he was 4 or 5 years ago and CFL coaches have a easier time game planning for a one dimensional QB ,like KJ.

Not sure how Crandell, Reed, and Tillman thought Kerry Joseph is still a viable QB option in the CFL, even as a backup. He has nothing left, it's murder to put him out there and embarrassing to Kerry himself.

Glenn, hands down. Plus he was still a starter as recently as last year. Joseph hasn't played starting QB minutes in years.

The whole offense sucked dude. QBs, Oline, yes the receivers too.

We still woulda beat you!

Also, Im going to guess you aren't a fan of QBs who can run? KJ had a rocket arm... maybe he still does??? No QB gets by just on the ability to run, let alone become a MOP... Alas, he is old now.

KJ was a real treat to watch in his heyday but time has caught up to him, but one dimensional QB No Way! KJ should be on the sidelines holding a clipboard mentoring the young guys coming up. …wait we don’t have any.

Belly button lint or ear wax....which has more applications?

But it's good to see you attempting a football related post - - as irrelevant as it may be.

somethng seriously the matter with you.

It's hard to stay as negative as he does all the time.

Speaking of irrelevant........... :roll:


The thread title is "Glenn or Joseph"

So someone posts "which aged veteran can take their team further?"

What's irrelevant about that?

Seems to me someone has a problem with comprehension and doesn't understand the meaning of the word "irrelevant."