Glenn on the block

....according to Mike Kelly ...Glenn will be dealt....He says a change of scenery is what Kevin needs to rejuvenate his career...Good luck Kevin in your new home ( sask. or cal. back-up) was time to move on... :wink:

While I'm not surprised at talk of trading Kevin I can't support it. There was a lot more going on last year than can be lain on his shoulders. The receivers let him down most games by running poor routes - a down and out is not a slow banana to the side sidelines - a down and in is not "stop dead and wave your arms" etc.

Lack of depth at QB has been a problem for several years. I can't see the point of moving out a proven commodity before giving him a chance under a new system.

bryant had 1156 yards, with 9 td's
edwards had 1010 yards, with 7 td's
and armstrong had 1010 yards, with 5 td's

so ya our recievers let glenn down after 3 of them had 1000+ seasons. not the case. glenn played with no passion or heart. he never showed emotion or drive when on the field. his game took a huge step down to his what should nhave been 2007 MOP season. that was purely glenns fault not the recievers.

Absolutely right FootballMad guy.

When the receivers were running thier routes and showed they were ready to play the offence was unstoppable and it was Kevin at QB in those games. Shows what could have been done with their yardage stats if they didn't take games off. I have no problems with the talent at receiver. last season I questioned their effort game-in game-out.

Not just them either. There seemed to be a general lack of consistant preperation that cost Berry his job. All I'm saying is that given the whole team, especially the receivers, having poor games we should not dump a guy who would have won us a Cup 2 yrs ago.

I don't think it was a talent or effort issue. They had a nutbar for a coach. Perfect example is what a change of coaching did for Montreal. You don't gut a team or start pointing fingers after a season like that where there was a lot going on. Berry's run on Westwood, Milt's "return", injuries, Canada...Aside from a couple changes most of these guys should be given an opportunity.

....Scott Taylor is reporting that Glenn will now be heading to Tarranna....Can't see us getting much for Glenn there....maybe a couple of pics???????There's nobody on their roster i'm really impressed with.....okay....Byron Parker....ain't gonna happen.. :roll:

The Free Press is reporting it is only a matter of days and Glenn will be off to Hamilton, but not for Printers.

Hold on to your hat piggy, they are officailly talking and the trade may include Barrin Simpson and Printers name has been brought up a few times, maybe just speculation, but Glenn and Simpson for Printers (and a revamped salary) and another player or pick may just happen!!

if barrin simpson is brought into it i want printers at a hevily reduced salary, geoff tisdale and a pick.....

barrin simpson is going to be the steal of the year at that salary... hes still a top two middle linebacker IMO and at 115k is a rediculous price for barrin

Kevin Glenn was also an MOP runner up only 2 years ago...

i will be pretty upset personally if we trade kevin glenn and barrin simpson for a mere couple of picks

It does seem like it is taking a little too long to just flip one player. I think there is probably a multi-player deal going down that might even include another team (western perhaps), when you consider our glut at LB plus Sheridan and Canada likely to go somewhere.

....I doubt very much if Printers is ever going to be in bluengold....Kelly wished him well...and said thanx...but no-thanx....I'd be very surprised ( PROBABLY DROP OVER) after hearing those comments we'll ever see him in the Peg......OTHER PLAYERS from the Cats.....definitely....we're not going to send Glenn off to the hammer for mere pics....He is after all, a starting qb. in this league... :wink: