Glenn Not Getting Start in Calgary

I don't like this at all. Glenn led Calgary to a 9-5 record and was the starter for most of the season and performed admirably. Unlike Burris in Hamilton, Glenn was supported by a stellar supporting cast this year in Calgary and the win column shows it. He should be given the shot to finish the job and win the Grey Cup that has eluded him all these years. So instead you've got a 12 year vet sitting on the bench playing behind a guy who's only played a few games. Hufnagel tried this experiment last year and failed.

Dance with the one who brought you.

Total disrespect to KG. I was gonna cheer for Calgary this weekend but now I'm gonna go get a watermelon, hollow it out & wear it proudly!

No it is not, and from what I'm reading KG doesn't think it's disrespectful at all. Traditional old rule of thumb, that a starter (in this case, Tate) does not lose his starter's role due to injury.

So I can understand the decision, and I'm sure KG does as well.

Just hope that Hufnagel doesn't follow Wally's lead from a Grey Cup a few seasons back. . .Casey Printers was the outstanding player that season, but because DD had returned to full health, he got the Grey Cup start. Okay fine, that abides by the rule of thumb. . .Wally's mistake was not to turn to Printers in the second half. So if Tate struggles, will Hufnagel hesitate to go to Glenn?

I heard Glenn say this very thing in an interview a few weeks ago, when it was rumored that Tate had progressed to the point where he could return to the field.

Glenn is saying the right things so he won't sound like a whiner. Glenn is getting screwed. Shame on Hufnagel.

Agreed SafetyBlitz. I know & understand the traditional rule re: losing your job to injury & getting back when healthy, but this one is a little extreme. Tate hasn't played meaningful football since the early July! Hope it bites Hufnagel in the arse!

Tate is going to choke as he has no experience in Playoff football in the CFL. Glenn is disrespected but yiu wont hear him say it because he's a pro and he knows it would only hurt the team. If Calgary wins the cup Glenn is the reason they got there.

I figured that Glenn would get the start for sure after Hufnagel and Tate had that heated exchange on the sidelines after a busted play during the last game. Tate didn't act very respectful to his coach.

Tate gives them the added ability of a running qb and that is important in playoff football.

Well, it looks like Carlos Thomas would agree with you. Drew re-tweeted this tweet from him: ... 9010299908

That seemed like an angry tweet from him. Maybe not as angry as Donald Trump's post-election tweets, but angry nonetheless. :slight_smile:

Anyway, I had been thinking whoever got the start at QB for Calgary will be on a short leash. We may see both QBs. Same goes for Edmonton, although I think Edmonton is definitely more likely to use more than one QB on Sunday.

Yeah but what is Carlos Thomas implying with the last part of his tweet? 8)

#Ticats DB RT: @C4Thomas4: Wow them boys f*cked KG over... Calgary gone feel dumb if they lose... they took a page out of our book an u see

Sounds like Carlos is suggesting that Hufnagel and crew are pulling a boneheaded move much like the Cats have done all year. Possibly a slight clue to discontent among Ticat players with coaches. I'm sure more will leak out during the off-season.

Tell that to Wally Pipp. Tell that to Drew Bledsoe.

The idea that players don't lose their job due to injury is a crock. If Tate missed a couple of games, then he gets the job back no questions asked. But Glenn has been the starter since Week 3. Tate gets the ball to start next season, no doubt, but in 2012, the Calgary Stampeders are Kevin Glenn's team. But this is par for the course with Glenn; do everything that is asked of you and it is still not good enough.

And Hufnagel might want to bone up on some history to see how well moves like this play out. Stamps sat Jeff Garcia for Doug Flutie in the 1995 Grey Cup and lost to Baltimore. Bills sat Doug Flutie for Rob Johnson in the 2000 Wild Card playoff game and lost to Tennessee. BC sat Casey Printers (and that would be MOP Casey Printers) for Dave Dickenson in the 2004 Grey Cup and lost to Toronto. Looks like history says bet the Riders.

He is talking about last year's QB rotation between Glenn and Porter. Don't read too much into it.

It does seem kinda vague what Thomas is implying but the difference is that last year Glenn did get to play in the playoff game unlike this year. I don't think there was ever any real doubt in Marcel's head who would have got the start in Montreal last year.

That's a slap in the face for him , that is a stupid move by HUFFY :thdn:

Glen didn't like playing backup in the Hammer why would he like it in Calgary (land of many Cow pies). :oops:

Kevin Glenn is the most disrespected player in recent history. It just seems whatever the guy does is never good enough. It sucks because Kevin is such a stand up guy and super nice. This is Glenn’s team no doubt and I think Huff is making a big mistake. I too was going to root for the Stumps in this weekends WDSF, however now that Glenn is not starting I will be cheering for the Riders.