Glenn ....not feeling the love

....Kevin is not happy with the latest offer from the Bombers and says he will play out his option after this year and enter free agency...hmmmmm this another bargaining ploy???...He feels he's worth 400,000 grand a year...not the paltry 350,000 he's being offered...Glenn did have a very good year in 07...BUT...he hasn't shown me yet, that he has the durability of a great qb. in this league...Should he get a Ricky Rays salary???....i don't begrudge him a nice raise....but c'mon us a couple of Cups as Ray has done for his club...then the dough will follow...i don't like what i'm hearing...especially in the 'cap' world we are now living in...... :thdn:

ya until he wins the cup he wont get ricky ray money and nor does he deserve it because for the past couple of seasons he has been injury prone also, so until he can last a whole season without getting injured and win the cup he shouldnt get that kind of money.

ya until he wins the cup he wont get ricky ray money and nor does he deserve it because for the past couple of seasons he has been injury prone also, so until he can last a whole season without getting injured and win the cup he shouldnt get that kind of money.

well he did last till the eastern final. lol. He should be happy we offered him another 150K and just play football. Win MOP and the GC and then we will find more cash.

Why must we go through all of this agian. We just got through free-agency pretty darn good. Now we have are star QB saying he may leave if not signed by training camp. I know most of you dont think he s worth all that money. I think he is. I've always liked Kevin. He will look better staying in Blue and Gold then going anywhere else. Because if you let a QB with that talent go it will come back to haunt you.

Good post!

He made 300k last year and after the way he played in the second half of the season he should shut up and concentrate on this year. I don't see why he wants to have a deal done before training camp unless he doesn't think he'll be able to do as well as last year.

Inflated sense of self I'd say. Do a Tom Brady and sacrifice some money to help keep a championship team together. If not trade him. No more being held hostage by players who think they are bigger than the team. Action speaks louder than words. Perform and you will be rewarded. Pout and suffer the consequences.

Well said!! I wasn't a Glenn fan until last year. He had a very good 1st half of 07 but definitely faltered in the second half. Yes we made it to the big dance and probably will again this year but have we won it all yet?? No!! Does he deserve a nice raise? Certainly!! $350,000 is an outstanding salary for a QB who has yet to bring home the Cup. I would not pay Kevin Glenn more than $350,000!!!! If he wants to pull a Dieter Brock then trade him now!! With the new salary cap in place every team has to make some serious decisions.(Sask.) Who would trade for Glenn,knowing that they'll have to pay him at least $390,000 and up??? For "ONE" very good season?
Write off Toronto,Hamilton,Edmonton,BC and Calgary. Saskatchewan? Why would they after trading Joseph? Glenn wants the same money but he's younger so you never know. Montreal would be a possibility but only if we get Calvillo in return. What good does that do us?

I believe people will come to their senses,see the big picture and Glenn will be resigned with the Bombers.
Stranger things have been known to happen however. I never would of imagined Sask trading Joseph!!

Please don't give it to him! Please PleasePleasePleasePleasePleasePleasePleasePleasePlease. Let the Riders have him. If Crandoll dosen't produce we need to do sometehing , so please let the Riders have him.

No disrespect to Bomber fans,
Go Riders!
We miss you KJ!

Glenn produced some major and amazing numbers last season. Compared to his other years, this was by-far his best. But putting up the best numbers in the league doesnt matter beecause its just like what they say "Playoffs is a different ball game" and although Glenn got hurt, and we probably woulda won the Grey Cup, the fact is we need someone that wont get hurt at the grand stage.

Consider this. The Bombers lost the GC game by what, 6 points, with a rookie qb making his first start in the league. Takes a damn good team to keep it together under those circumstances. Not to down play what Glenn did last year, he had a heck of a season, but he really isn't as important as his agent thinks he is to this team. Give Dinwiddie a few more starts and time in Berrys system and he would probably win just as many games with this team.

I don't see a lot of downside in the Bombers waiting things out. If we don't sign him to a new deal and he has a great year I still don't think anybody would offer him more than $450k as a free agent. He wants $400k right now but I really think we need to see 1 more season of Mr Glenn to know what kind of QB he really is. If that costs us an extra $50 or $75 k so be it.

Taman's being a weasel. He should have given Glenn a decent raise with a bonus for winning the Grey Cup. You don't goof with your franchise player like that. Loyalty is a 2-way street.

what is wrong with some of you. he offered him glenn more cash, he will get cash for some endorsments around the city. we have so much cash in our other players glenn has to notice that and suck up his pride, 1 good season doesn't earn you 350+

Tell that to Printers and KJ! LOL!


Hes only got two options Montreal or Saskatchewan and it doesnt look like Sask. will pay that much either. Maybe he will hold out till Ottawa gets back.