Glenn Not At Practice Today

8) Drew is reporting that Kevin Glenn is not at practice today, along with Marwan Hage and Auggie.
  While it is an extra day of practice, team sources say that Glenn should be back on Thursday, the next scheduled 
   practice, after having tomorrow off.

   They better hope that Glenn is back, and not injured.   <!-- s:( -->:(<!-- s:( -->

he injured his right arm(elbow?) in winterpeg.

Maybe related

I heard he was eaten by the creature that lives in Cootes Paradise.

That's what we need on this site - more unsubstantiated rumours. It keeps things interesting.

However, readers need to judge for themselves whether a particular rumour has credibility - and my hunch tells me this one is not accurate.

I heard his night shift baker called in sick and he had to throw his whites on and hop one of Ron Joyce's jets up at Jetport and scoot over to Detroit before the donuts got over proofed.....honest, that's my rumour and I'm sticking to it..... :wink: :wink:

I thought it was in the West Harbour, or is that a nastier creature?

I heard on the Fan earlier, driving home, that the team was focusing on special teams and "special plays" today and that is why Glenn was not there....that from Mr. B....

Hmm...there doesn't appear to be an emoticon for mock outrage. Wait: what about this one? :o

It says surprised, is that close enough? :stuck_out_tongue:

Moby Carp?

(I went to Mac)

As I expect the reason behind this report is likely to turn out being unworthy of starting a new thread, I'm putting it here. After Glenn missed the Cats' special practice on Tuesday, now Calvillo did not practise with the Als today -- Friday, Day 2 of the regular 3 day routine -- according to this from TSN's Dave Naylor on twitter:

44DidierRDS Didier Orméjuste
by TSNDaveNaylor
#CFL #Alouettes QB Anthony Calvillo is not practicing today. More to come later...
5 hours ago

A bit more detail on the above report here from the RDS reporter on twitter, along with a second note of interest for Monday's game:

44DidierRDS Didier Orméjuste
#CFL #Alouettes QB Anthony Calvillo didn't practice today because of soreness in his right knee. He should be able to practice tomorrow.
3 hours ago

44DidierRDS Didier Orméjuste
#CFL #Alouettes MLB Shea Emry (concussion) will be replaced by Ramon Guzman Monday vs #Ticats
3 hours ago