Glenn - No Ifs Ands Or Buts

About it, he will play the ESF in TO this weekend, let the playoff mind games begin.

He might very well play, given the importance of that game for Winnipeg, who host the big game two weeks later. But if he doesn't play at a 100%, what will his presence really mean?

Personally, I will cheer for the Bombers this weekend, because I think our chances of beating them in the final are better than that of beating Toronto (no offence Winnipeg, but that is just the case). I would however not gamble any dollar on a Bombers win in Rogers Center.

My mind is already set on seeing the Argos in town in two weeks from now.

Glenn has proven to be a quick healer (see knee injury earlier this year), but unless he is really ready, I start Banks if I am the Bombers and see how it goes.
Then you can bring Glenn off the bench if needed.
But winning one play-off game this week isn't as important as winning two or three will be, so you rest Glenn and hope he is ready for the east final, or Grey Cup. sound as sure of the way things will go as the Bombers medical staff...there's still a chance Glenn won't play...but then again we are hearing different things from different sources....typical mystery surrounding injuries.... best way i can put it is...i think a lot of people in the Peg are hoping....and some are certain Glenn will play...i think that will clear things up... :roll: :roll: :wink:

Glenn will play I think for sure. He'll be frozen up for sure and ready to go. But doesn't matter, with Allen really not playing well lately, he doesn't take off and try to get a first down like he's done in the past, the Als are the favourites to represent the east I think.

Freezing only deals with the pain. The ankle still has to have enough stability to allow him to push off and to prevent further injury.
If it has that, if I were him, I might prefer to go without the freezing, because the pain will keep him sharp....

Bombers need Glen to play. Their backups were not impressive Saturday night.

speaking as a hardcore als fan if the als are the favorite to represent hte east then the east is in serious trouble

Come to think of it, it might be a good thing for the Bombers to have lost to BC last Saturday. Because if Glenn must play on a moderately healed ankle, he better do it on a dry turf in a dome than on a possibly wet/frozen ground in an open stadium.

...good point.....but what bothers me more ...can he put full weight on the ankle...plant and throw on any kind of turf.....i guess we'll see ...if he gets out to practice.... if no practice...i start to worry..... :roll: :? :roll:

Papa, you better get Berry to kick some butt! Your team didn't look very inspired Saturday night. We were 20 rows behind the Bomber bench and didn't sense any intensity or urgency. I was expecting them to come out with smoke out of their nostrils against us.

....yeah i agree...the same kind of play you're describing came across the tube as well....i don't know what they were thinking...maybe after Glenn went down...Berry figured, get out of the game with as few injuries as possible....I didn't like the way whole game went (specially the score)lol...i thought we should have played with more intensity...but heh. ...i'm not the coach but i know one all the sports i've ever never works out if you think you can save your-self and perform half-heartedly..and stay at a winning should be giving it a 100% all the thing i totally agree with Buono on... :wink:

It sure would be nice for Kevin to play, but I think the Bombers are actually in better shape than most might think. The listless play that has been mentioned carried over to the defensive side of the ball. I don't believe they will repeat that against T.O. and it will not have the blow-out feel of the last game. Glenn has healed well in the past and I agree that it's stability that counts, not pain. I can't remember a season when Winnipeg had so many unfortunate injuries. It just blows my mind. It's a good thing they ended up playing the Argos because I think they can lay a stinker out there much easier than the Als. It has to do with EGO and underestimating the opponent. Here's hoping anyway. GO BLUE!!!!

well with the way we match up against T.O., i think we can still pull a win off. Banks showed he can score againt a lions defence. we have arguably the best back in the league against the a weak run defence. if our defence can shut em down like we have, i think roberts can carry this team to a win, plus banks has really developed over the season. its not over for us.

I want to see the Bombers win for 2 reasons.

  1. I'm sick of seeing a Toronto/Montreal final.

  2. The rivalry!