Glenn named Starter

So..if we lose on it suddenly a case of the rest of the team playing like crap?

Of course not. Then we'll be seeing the start Tafralis threads. :lol:

No. It'll still be Porter's fault. :wink:

A blinding glimpse of the obvious.

With some it actually will be. I can hear it now. "If Glenn had started the season he'd be up to speed by now. Starting Porter has stunted Glenn's development of rapport with the receivers. Give him more time (even though he's had lots of playing time this season), next week he'll be brilliant :roll: Besides the defense is so tired at this time of the season because of Porter's incompetence they cannot be blamed for the 43 points allowed

You forgot to add the confidence/morale argument. As in, both were so low (solely due to Porter starting) that it will take longer than a week to restore them to serviceable levels.

good I think it's time for glenn to be the starter for the rest of the season if we want to make the playoffs

is that because of his stellar 1-2 record as a starter this year? With the lone win being against the lowly Argos (the team that proceeded to beat him the following week)? And in that lone win, he was presented with several opportunities starting drives in the redzone to only settle for many field goals?

Im not saying Porter is the man..Im just saying I dont think Glenn is appreciably better.

For argument's sake let's say they are equally good.

Wouldn't it still be good to start Glenn so as to try spark the team out of this slump by injecting a diferent dynamic?

no it's just cause I think that he give the cats a better chance to win cause he has experience :rockin: :rockin:

I have no issues with Glenn starting. Something needs to be question.

But some here think Glenn is a god and can do no wrong. Sorry, but I dont see it. We can't suddenly book our trip to Calgary at the end of November because Glenn is starting.

What bothers me is that EVERYTHING is blamed on Porter. I swear, some people here think we would be undefeated if only Glenn started from the get go. I find it extremely amusing that when Porter does something, its because he isnt a good QB, but when Glenn does the exact same thing...its attributed to someone else not doing their job (blocking, not catching the ball, etc)**

However, we have several other issues on this team that need to be addressed before we can be considered a good team. Its not just a QB issue

** an example of this - in the Argo loss, we are marching down the field in the dying seconds, Glenn throws a pass that is marginally overthrown to Stala who stretches to pull it in and cant. It would have been a helluva catch if had. Most said the pass was good and it was Stala's fault for dropping the ball. "if a pro reciever can get a hand on it, he should catch it" was one quote I read. Fast Forward to Monday...Porter throws a ball to ABIII..that is marginally underthrown (at his knees). ABII gets both hands on the ball and does not make the catch. The very same people who defended Glenn in the first instance...quickly blamed Porter in the second instance (and in my opinion, ABIII catch SHOULD have been much easier than Stala's)

1 Game too late to Make real Diffrence.

The one I started weeks ago? It's at the ready! :wink:

:D :D :D

Oski Wee #3,


Glad to hear it, we'll see how it goes but I think Marcel and the team have made the best choice, players sit if they can't hold onto the pigskin, you can be sure QP will practice this aspect of the game a bit more often. I still say he's going to be a great qb in this league in another 2 years.

I agree, two yrs. sounds about right to develop a quarter-back.


I guarantee you that the Cats as a team will play much better with Glenn in there. They know he gives them a chance to win. It will pick their game and confidence up.

They're doing Porter a favor. Now he goes into the next game without the pressure and the possibility of being the hero if Glenn can't deliver the goods.

An Argo-Cat fan

Players sit when they cant hold on to the ball??????
If thats the case we wont be able to field a team. Including Kevin Glenn who also lost the handle last game.

Greats a tall order, Lancaster, Moon, Flutie come to mind.

Glad Glenns getting this start in relief of the starter who I am sure needs the break

So any one want to put money on this game, :wink: No thats what I thought

yup I will put my money on Montreal because if we can't stop their offence it doesn't matter who is behind the centre. We need pressure and a scheme to take away their 7 yard out passes. But I will keep my fingers crossed.

Porter,Glen,Tafralis,no matter who the starter is I just want to win.We have been stuck on 15 for to long.'72, '86, '99 are just a memory,something I have on tape, nice to watch but I would like a newer version.EAT 'EM 'RAW!