Glenn named starter for rest of the season

Just heard it on TSN.

Got to be a good thing for the psyche of the team.

Its about time!



And the fans' psyche :lol:

I'd say Porter's time with this team is now over.
If they had any confidence at all in him they would have not named Glenn as the starter for the rest of the season.
I don't see how they could consider Porter for the starting QB's job next season after this move.
The hunt will be on for a new young QB to be groomed as the future QB.

Oh i don't see how you come to that conclusion, but i hope they do give Tafralis a fair shot next year. Butif Glenn continues to play like he did in Montreal, We've already found our starter.

The bonafide starter was in the dressingroom from day 1. If the coaching staff had their heads screwed on straight, they wouldn't be scratching and clawing for a playoff spot, they would've been a virtual lock by now.

Better late than never I guess.

An Argo-Cat fan

P.S. And no, I haven't written off Porter. He's just not ready yet.

8) How very right you are barney !!!
 I agree 100% with your comments.    <!-- s:thup: -->:thup:<!-- s:thup: -->

Are you sure you aren't confusing Quinton Porter with Stefan LeFlors, mr62? :smiley:

Disagree, its the stretch run and Marcel wanted the team to know that this wont be an issue from here on in. He's probably had a conversation with both that QP will be given more chances to succeed next season, and told him that in the offseason to go home, work hard, and come back a better player.

I dont think Marcel would do it any other way, and im ok with it.

I agree Crash. I think he wanted to eliminate any controversy and not have it as a distraction. However, I think he waited way too long to name a starter. The platooning system has always been a thorn in my side. Maybe this wasn't exactly platooning, but having a different starter from week to week like we have been lately has seemed a little hap hazard to me.

I don't think they've given up on Porter, nor should they. He is good enough as a solid second string. It was the coaches' mistake for putting too much on his shoulders this year.

I dont think that this means we are giving up on Porter at all. It shouldnt be an issue to finish the year and this way the team can focus 100% on winning and taking care of their business without worrying who will be under centre. If Glenn plays well and gets us into the playoffs, then IMO next year he should come into camp the starter and then go from there.

Agreed completely.

Porter played well and regressed a bit, but not horribly, and certainly not enough to warrant getting rid of him. Don't forget how long it's taken some of the current CFL veteran QB's to learn the trade. Porter is a definate keeper, and he was that close to winning two or three games that we'd lost that would have put us into a playoff spot easily enough. We're still in the driver's seat here.

I totally agree with this move and also have confidence that Porter will be an excellent qb for the Cats as a backup for some years if he chooses to stay or eventually a starter. He seems to have too many goodies even though right now his confidence is shaken.

I don't see his confidance as being shaken. I see it more of him taking on more than he can handle. It's quite an adjustment to go pro, and to learm the nuances of the Canadian game. It's alot to ask of a newer QB. Overwhelming.

No doubt, both he and Marcel have learned alot from this experience.


      Porter will have to prove himself all over again at training camp next year..with the bar perhaps set a little higher.

In the meantime Obie will be on the lookout for new QB talent as usual. There could be a trade. Maybe Tafralis will look better.
Anything can happen in the off-season.
So that's why I am a bit pessimistic about Porter.

Pessimistic? I thought you were being kind. Porter has been a big disappointment to the fans and the team, it would not bother me to see him shipped down the road.

Good decision. I'll be glad to see Glenn play.

I also think it's a good idea to keep developing Porter and Tafralis for the future.

All this Negative Chatter is really not productive. :thdn:

I mean really, think about it for a minute...Porter has talent...he just got thrown in too soon by the coaching staff and was made to feel more ready than he was.

Glenn is doing exactly what he was brought in to this team if Porter can't.

Trafalis, I feel will probably shine through this more than Porter because he has done everything asked of him AND THEN SOME and may very well become the #2 next year.

Quite frankly I'm happy with the QB's we have, providing we do make a home play-off, and they get along and we don't have any more distractions.

Again, I think Porter will be OK if he can look beyond the fact he was thrown in before he was ready. :wink:

This should be done alot sooner like Labour day ...