Glenn Named Offensive POW

Well deserved. . . I hope he puts up similar numbers in the next couple of games, and particularly in the season finale against Winnipeg. . . revenge of the albatross !!

Gee, why am I not

Let's hope that he and the team "peak" soon. Couldn't happen at a better time :wink:

Congratulations Kevin!
Some of us have always been behind you.
At least someone gave him some well deserved recognition.

Shultzy was the only one on the TSN panel to give him the game ball. Come on Matt...I thought your were a big Glenn supporter?
And Jock...MacPherson? Please.

Great game glenn!
and I was one of the people behind you all year lol

Awesome! I called it earlier and it happened. Kevin Glenn well deserved! With you on your game and a couple of adjustments on defence we have a real shot at the play-offs.


Well deserved and not surprised, lets start Porter for the next game.......just kidding. :lol:

About the least surprising offensive POW I can remember this season.

If Glenn wasn't the hands-down winner, who the hell would be?

I'm not shocked.. and it's well deserved... mind you.. according to Bomber fans Glenn did this against the Als practice roster and scrubs!!

Which is total nonsense. It was the first string team throughout, with the exception of Dix subbing for Sanchez on one corner, and McPherson taking over for AC after he got hurt. Other than that, it was the first string team.

Consider the source.......

:lol: :lol:

Agreed. This wasn't a scrub team, it was our A unit, albeit an A unit missing two pretty important players (Emry and Sanchez). You can't take anything away from Glenn & co. They tore our defense to shreds.

And against a tough D the al's no little fish. ....... Very well deserved .
And on that note hat's of to the O line to give that man the time to make plays and reads ...

Not sure their DLine was playing full out not one sack doesn't sound like the Als. But Glenn still did a fine job. :thup: Not sure what the Als are putting out when they don't have to win.

I like how on the Vid clip of him, he talks about how it was a complete team effort. How he couldn't of done it with out the good blocking Exc! Thats a team player!

500+ yards and 3 TDs made it a no-brainer. Still, big congrats to Glenn who had a lot of pressure on his shoulders going into the game.

An Argo-Cat fan

Not to diminish Glenn's accomplishments last week because he was phenomenal but 2 things have to occur for a game like that. The offence of one team has to be nearly perfect in all aspects and the defense of the other team has to play poorly. Congrats to Glenn but lets please keep this in perspective. Its very unlikely we'll see another offensive performance like that again this season in fact I wouldn't expect another game like that more than once every few seasons

d and p:
I thought BC QB Travis Lulay would have got it for a great performance last weekend. He is the reason BC won. Played a heck of a game.
However I am glad for Kevin Glenn.
Hope it gives us a lift Friday night against the blue team.They'll be jacked up hoping to save their jobs and also stick it to us in the fight for second place.

I thought POW stands for: Prisoner of War.
So, I guess for the next 3 games moving forward - Glenn will take no prisoners....

:lol: :lol: :lol:

Yes Lulay played well. . . but do you really think he deserved the nod more than Glenn?

Lulay. . . 13 of 24 for 177 yards, 1 TD, 2 interceptions, 7 carries for 92 yards.

Glenn. . . 29 of 44 for 506 yards, 3 TDs, no interceptions, 3 carries for 14 yards.

Based on those numbers, it had to be Glenn.