Glenn most underrated player according to players' poll


Oski Wee Wee,


very underated, but not quite the best. close though

I have no opinion to offer on this topic, but I do like the "Under Siege" reference in your signature ......great movie ! :wink: :smiley:

Funny thing, the local newspaper has run Kevin Glenn's picture twice in the last three weeks in the TV section.One photo two weeks ago and two photos this week.That space is usually reserved for nfl players, maybe they are finally catching on.

Its about time the spec caught on. Glenn is certainly the most under rated QB in the league. Hope he breaks the 5000 yd. mark this sat.


Underrated not only in the TSN poll of players, but also here in this forum. His long balls were regularly off-target in the first few games of the season, but he has been stellar since. I hope he gets what he deserves -- to hoist the Grey Cup -- something he'd have done three years ago if not for a bad "break."


If everyone thinks he is underrated, then by default is he no longer underrated?

Correct. He is now rated. :thup:

Now he's over-rated

Wrong, highly rated!


or not rated :wink:

This being a players poll really says something. Most underrated player in the CFL? I have heard this from his team mates and coaches, but when the rest of the league players say it you are making a statement.
Keep up the good work Kevin, I believe.
Go Cats Go!!


Obviously the actual players in the CFL feel he IS the most underrated. I will take their opinion over a goon like you.

Must you always make these mild jabs at Ticat players?

Do you need help finding your way back to the Lion forum?

If 'X' is the unknown then now Glenn is no longer 'X-rated'.

I believe that he simple fact that Markeith Knowlton wasn't picked PROVES he is the most underrated player!! :lol:

While we're on the topic of most underrated TiCats, I'm putting a vote in for Marquay McDaniel. If all goes well at this Saturday's game, he'll break the 1000 receiving yards mark, along with Stala and Bruce (who has already broken it). But he doesn't seem to get the same amount of recognition as either of these players (not to say that he doesn't get any).


And for pretty much the same reason as Knowlton - he is overshadowed by two more-well-known players who get the limelight.