Glenn might be getting start

Looks like Glenn might get the start Saturday according to CHCH news. Porter's knee is still injured.

8) Well, if the Cats are smart, they had better start Glenn in this next game !!
  Porter apparently went for an MRI on the wonky knee yesterday, and the results of that will 
  certainly determine his status for the near future.

  Porter has already admitted that if he can't run, then it doesn't make sense for him to give it a 

  Considering that he missed some games last year with the same injury, who knows what the outcome 
  of this latest set back will be  !!!

   Reinjuring that same MCL is not a good sign  !!!!       <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

The Glenn scoop by OB could prove to be a brilliant move. Not only for what he has and may still do for the Cats, but how much weaker his absence has made our competition in Winnipeg. :smiley:

And how ridiculously easy WPG made it for him to come here. Lefors to Randall to Wms. then semi pro ball to find Bishop.Wow.
Quitting on an experienced starter in favour of a total unknown.
An epic blunder by Kelly.

I have no problem with KG starting at all and it might help Porter a bit to watch although I hope his knee isn't that bad, man I hope not.

I agree about weakening Winnipeg. Plus, if Porter can’t be medically cleared to play, how screwed would we be without Glenn?

It is amazing how small the difference is in success and failure. I agree that Kelly made a huge mistake ("epic blunder" as you put it). If we break down the Glen/Lefors situation it looks like this. Kelly got rid of a former MOP that he thought was finished. He replaced him with a young inexperienced QB that he thought had the makings of a future great CFL QB.
Look at the situation here in Hamilton. We got rid of a former MOP who the coaches/GM thought was finished. We have replaced him with a young inexperienced QB that the coaches/GM believe has the makings of a future great QB. The difference. We were right in the assessment of our players and they were wrong. There are a few differences in the situation but, IMO, it boils down to the fact that we did a better job in assessing the talent of the QBs in question.
If Lefors had worked out, Kelly would appear to be a hero.

Now if Glen was to start and bet Ed or even give them a good battle the Peg fans would just want to give Kelly a real big hug. :lol:

Well I like our chances a lot more with Porter starting and Glenn available if needed. Hopefully this is not a long term thing.

But that wasnt the reason Kelly gave. On the contrary he thought Glenn could catch on elsewhere. The reason he gave was Glenn wasn't "a leader" . For all intents and purposes Kelly quit on Glenn out of pride because he wanted to bring in his own guy a guy he thought would fit his self imposed image makeover of the Bombers.
Sure player moves often fail . A coach and GM can bring in anyone he likes but don't competent ones make sure they can actually play first ? Don't real football professionals put aside personal pride and image to keep his team competitive? Kelly's blunder lies there.

[quote="ZontarSure player moves often fail . A coach and GM can bring in anyone he likes but don't competent ones make sure they can actually play first ? Don't real football professionals put aside personal pride and image to keep his team competitive? Kelly's blunder lies there.
I agree 100%. That is one of the other differences between what we have done here and what Kelly tried to do.
They got rid of Glen (Out of pride etc.) We picked him up and are using him in the role he could have played in Winnipeg. (Insurance, and a veteran to help develop the prospect). Kelly put everything on his (flawed) assessment of Lefors' ability to run Kelly's (flawed) system.


I’m all for blaming Kelly’s ego, but money was a factor as well: After the Bombers released Glenn, we signed him as a free agent, and his contract with us is surely less lucrative that the one he had in Winnipeg. If Kelly had kept him, they would have had to pay Glenn under the terms of the Glenn’s old contract.

Money is tight in WPG. But isnt QB the spot where you spend ? Kelly destroyed any chance of restructuring Glenn's contract by basically blaming Glenn for last year.

Not nessanecessarily They could have ask him to take a Pay cut
like they did with Lefors

Kelly thought Glen was done

Most people in Winnipeg wanted Glenn to go. It's not that he's a terrible qb, but he isn't going to get any better and aside from one great 9 game stretch in 2007 has been an average qb throughout his career. He's a perfect backup qb but the way things ended for him last season he had to go. He got booed in more games than he didn't last year for us. That's partially b/c of his play and partially b/c our fans are brutal on our qbs.

The mistake we made here in Winnipeg was not getting another veteran (Bishop, Crandell) to backup Lefors right from camp. Maybe if the entire weight of the team's season didn't rest on his shoulders from day 1 he might have performed better.

Based on Glenn's performace coming off the bench he deserves a start. Hopefully Porter isn't seriously injured and perhaps taking a break from the starter's role will be a good learning experience at this juncture. I'd still like to see Porter running out of the tunnel as our starter on Labour Day though.

Bomber fans keep saying this in defense of the move like fan opinion at a particular time is a valid foundation on which managment should make decisions. Any fanbase is fickle. But Bomber fans have taken it to an artform. (see Serna, Dinwiddie)

Face it, Kelly ditching an experienced MOP starter in favour of an unproven one just because he fit Kelly's ideal team image is the very reason why the Bombers are where they are. What fans thought was irrelevent.

All it would have taken is for Glenn to have a couple of good games this year and 2008 would have been forgotten and he would have gone back to hero status who almost brought WPG a Grey Cup after 18 years if not for that broken arm- like Bomber fans constantly reminded us.

Used to remind us that is.

Selective editing aside, that's not why I said Glenn was let go. I say that to point out that not many people disagreed with the move.

And we would have won that Grey Cup game with Glenn at the controls. The way our D played all we needed was average play from our qb which Glenn would have given us.

I'm going to have to side with the Tiger Cats fans on this one, even though I am live and die blue and gold. While I don't think (the winnipeg fan) is suggesting that Kelly made the right move (that is, getting rid of Glenn and leaving Lefors on his own without any insurance), I think the suggestion that most fans wanted him gone suggests the loud minority. In Winnipeg our fans are definitely fickle, and yes, we do tend to form opinion based on a "what have you done for me in the last two minutes" type of attitude, to take it to the extreme. There is no hiding from that (see Serna, Westwood, Glenn, Kahari, Dinwiddie, etc, etc). The reality remains that Glenn was only one season removed from a break out season, and yes, almost brought us the Grey Cup. What he needed was a decent system and a good coach. He doesn't need to be a Calvillo, but I certainly think he can be a starter in a well balanced team.

So let's play with this logic. Those fans who so readily say that Glenn was average and should have gone, yada yada, also turn around and admit that if Glenn had stayed we most likely would be with a record greater then 3 wins. So let's go with that. Let's say for arguments sake we have two losses at this point in the season. It should be fair to expect somewhat of a decent run down the stretch, especially with our defense playing the way they are and with the dynamite Reid. We would be in the same league as Hamilton and much closer to Montreal. And most of those fans who say he should have gone would also suggest that should Glenn take us anywhere near the playoffs and the Grey Cup, that he has a decent chance of getting us through it. So we wanted to get rid of him why?

Personally I am pulling for him to do well in Hamilton and to prove the minority wrong. I am really wishing him well.

Well looks like its a lock...KG will start against Eskimos...and the reason seems to be Poters knee and not a replacement in the starter role...or thats how is seems..

I surely hope he moves the team and does well or this forum will be filled with porter / glenn / taralis / vick debate...Fact is the whole thing makes me be unsettled at QB headed into the heart of the season and Labour Day around the corner.