Your right Lebird, the lack of dicipline killed us and not just on the Al's TD drive...the whole game we took dumb-ass flags..on the positive note, papazoola is also correct...the Bombers showed signs of becomming a real threat in this league..

Come on guys, we should cut the team some slack. Look at all the new players that are starting. I was really hoping to see a win and sort of felt like kicking the TV but let's be realistic. It would be foolish to start blaming the lost or anyone. Let's give them thre of four weeks then maybe we can asking questions. Montreal rarely looses at home. We'll be ok if the young players don't get spooked. Sure was sad to see what happened in BC. hehehe.

I'd have to blame Glenn. He might need a few more seconds to throw the ball, so the OL might be part of the problem too.
Either way, he still made 2 bad throws that he should have thrown away or ate the ball.

im tired of everyone blaming the QB. everyone bashing Glenn for loosing the Game but what about all the penalties? 18 for 170 some yards. and if im not mistakin a TD pass to milt was called back in the second quarter because of a holding call? that could have given WPG even more momentum and put the montreal D in even more of a slump. its not all kevins fault. westwood also missed a field goal. thats 10 more points to tie the game, not to mention montreal not getting as much from all the yards they got on us from penalties. westwood made a 48 yarder into a strong wind, why couldnt he hit a 49 yarder? everyones at fault, on the offensive side. the coaches should have given charlie the ball more, especially in the fourth when we were up by 10 to not only run out the clock, but prevent interceptions. its not all Glenns fault. what about the 6 sacks by the offencive line. imagine if the other two were in there, holding on to the ball as long as they do. sure banks can scramble, but he was the only one sacked in the first pre season game, and was sacked twice. scrambling isnt as effective as a quick release, a feature glenn posseses. i to, along with others, am tired of the whole thing being kevins fault. he won us just as many games as he lost us. wait till he learns how to finish and berry tutors him. he'll be great!

give him till labour day, or at least 5 or 6 games into the season. thats just my opinion.

and ya its hard to teach how to win. but its not hard to fix the mistakes he made when he lost. such as throwing it across your body, or trusting your reads and throws like berry said in the press. or Berry could tell him to run instead of throw in the case of that second interception. or even just give him more confidence. compliment him, tell him he can do it, tell him he's their number one guy but correct his mistakes at the same time. Berry will do this for Kevin. Just wait.

I don’t disagree with your statements
123james321. The d played very good.
All the penalties sure didn’t help either. I have no problem giving Glenn a couple more games to prove his worth, but only because of the new coaches and new system instilled. He hasn’t been in the league a long time, but he isn’t exactly a rookie either. The talent he has at receiver and RB don’t get too much better. I think they have to run more plays that can counter a blitz. Swing passes or screens would be more effective than going for the longer passes, especially with the limited time he has to throw.
Hey, I want them to do well as much as anybody else. We’ll see what happens when they play some other D-lines this year, cause Montreal’s is very good.

Hey back win as a team and you lose as a team.....most people thought this game would be over by half time......I was very impressed with the Bombers for 3 and half quaters except for all the stupid the end that cost us dearly.....

yes next time we play montreal we definately need some screens and swing passes ready, i have no idea why they didnt do that. send roberts out there and just give it to him right away while they send half their D at glenn, roberts will go a long way with that ball.

I blame no one. It's the first game and Glenn should get his confidence back in Week2.

[quote="PIGSEYE"]Hey back off

Sorry if I offended you.

you win as a team and you lose as a team

Agree, but I still think the QB is the Heart and Soul of the offense

most people thought this game would be over by half time


I was very impressed with the Bombers for 3 and half quaters except for all the stupid the end that cost us dearly.....

Me too. That's called Momentum.

...all in all ..the pressure to perform is going to be on Glenn ..he has to deliver......Berry will not stand for stupid penalties ..and another area that needs picking up ...that seemed to go unnoticed in our return game...field postion is a no. 1....i was disappointed in AJ3...but now find out he was injured....ouch...i don't know who we have that can get the job done...but McCord might have to be inserted in that position ...overall we look very good...and as we improve in every outing...the b.s. about a last place finish may have to be drastically revised..