Awesome game by the defence who some say needed time to Gel, recievers looked impressive. As mentioned in previous forums and many arguments later all you GLENN supporters have to admit that "HE CANNOT FINISH GAMES" and "IS NOTHING MORE THAN A BACKUP QB". Lobbing the ball in the air leaving it up for grabs on the first INT and then with room to run and get some yards on first down "PRESSURE THROWS" his second INT. Great game by Simpson, Marlborough, and Malveux. Player of the game SAMUELS, great job by this kid.

GLENN IS A ... Insert Your Comment Here

Yeah I'll agree with that too, Glenn messed up in the last quarter as well, though upon further review he should get better as the season pregresses.

maybe we should give Quinn a go? how go is he?

and I can remember a Glenn that beat Calgary in 2004, QB by KJ, I want that Glenn back.

I said it since last year and STRONGLY questioned TAMANS decision to trade Spurgon Wynn to the Argo's. Now we have to get another young QB "Banks" ready,at least he can run. Start Quinn or Banks next game while it is early and see what happens!!!

I’ve liked Glenn for a long time, but after tonight I am in complete agreeance if Glenn doesn’t improve to finish games by the 4th or 5th game.

:roll: I think the bombers have enough depth and am really thinking about the Casey Printers post. He is #4 on the depth chart down south, i say we HAVE TO, not should but HAVE to trade for his rights immediately and hope he gets cut down there. He wants to be a starter, he has proven he can be a starter and we NEED a starter. Simple math, get his rights, put Kevin as back up or #3 spot where he belongs. :D

who will you trade for Printers?

not just Glenn but the whole team choked in the 4th.

i truly agree that we need to have casey printers' rights signed...and QUICK!!!casey is still young, has a cannon for an arm, and can is an mvp...but for rite now glenn is the best that we have, and the way i am, im gunna stick on his bandwagon :oops: lol..but i though the D played a great game holding the als to just field goal attempts..and stanford samuels played like an all star...our d doesnt seem to be the wasnt the oline's fault for all the sacks when there was blitzing cuz there arent enough of them to block 7 guys..and if u block wont be for long..again i would love to see casey over would help us out a lot

i blame glenn we need a QUALITY! quarterback we should have put quinn. but they have to win against the argos

What ever happend to throwing a tight end on the line, Berry was praising the merits of Scott the fullback, playing the line..Oh well, they have there work cut out for them, it starts by playing the posistion, that complements the player...

I blame glenn if ppl are bashing berry there wrong i dont blame him spazzing out. glenn messed up the game

With those 2 options to choose from I blame Glenn, though the Oline had a lot to do with it as well.

also the penalties those wer really costly

not blaming the ref at all but that time count penalty shouldnt have been. The play before that there was a penalty so the play clock should have reset but it didnt.

Glenn chocked big time...

Glenn is your best quarterback at the time, but he would have trouble making some 2nd string roster spots on other teams IMO. The BB’s seriously need a qb(maybe later in the year during NFL cuts?) but they’ll be out of the playoff race by then if glenn plays like that all of the time.

Guys, Glenn wasn't great, but did he rough up Calvillo twice? Did he take pass interference calls at the wrong times? Take multiple procedure calls to put his team in second and very long? Glenn will get better, but the whole team needs to get better.

...its easy to hang the defeat on one have to go back to last season ..and some of the bad plays Glenn came up with that cost the Bombers big-time...He's like Jeykle and Hyde...he looks like he could beat anybody...and then goes into some kind of ';choke panic mode'...and blows it...the two interceptions looked so much like last years goof-ups..if he dosen't get that crap straightened away...we're stuck...Who do you bring in....Maybe we should look at alternating the qbs. but we don't have anyone capable right now..Houston we have a problem...on the good side the 'd' looks great...they had the ALS. on the ropes...the offense just didn't put them away...over to you Berry..just as a side least Glenn proved one thing last night ...HE is a better qb. than Kerry Joseph...not like that;s saying a helluva' lot... :roll:

I think these three things cost us the game:
1 - That ugly penalty on Stegal's Td
2 - The decision to try a feildgoal
3 - The total lack of decipline in the sugsequent Mtl drive.

Glenn didn't have anything to do with that. However, he sure did fall apart at the end.

yeah he fell apart in the end. but the 18 penalties for what, 170 yards versus 10 penalties for how many yards? that killed the bombers yesterday. that and the o-line did not help Glenn at all. our line seriously needs to pick it up.

i personally think they need some time to gel and get used to each other. but the D looked awsome. how many teams coming off a 5-13 season can say they held caalvio to just over 100yards and no TD's lol. how many Defences in general can say they did that? not many.

you guys see the blanket coverage on cahoon by malbrough? holy crap, not to mention samules, this guy was just what we needed. he really stepped up and the coaches made the right decision putting him in over fields. im a huge fields fan, but samules did amazing yesterday! im very comfortable having fields as our back up. omar evens and kelly malveaux looked like there old selves.

our linebackers arnt bad either, was a little nervous about having a DB and a safety playing linebacker but they did alright. and our D-line held the allowetts on first and goal. arguably the best o-line in the CFL.

D's looking great. Line needs to jel, Glenn needs to finish. recievers and running game are awsome! once the line gel's and Glenn learns to finish look out for the bombers!