Glenn looking for trade?

A Rumour going around lately and (It's strictly a Rumour, No deals or nothing confirmed) that Kevin Glenn and his agent are not happy about the Redblacks signing Burris and making him the Starter, so they are talking about a potential trade to another CFL team and once again not just Winnipeg, although they need a starting QB in a Big Way?

Montreal is potentially interested in a trade with Ottawa for Kevin Glenn and Winnipeg have expressed interest in going after Drew Willy who is a free agent as of Feb 11th next week?

Apparently after the coaches awards yesterday, Jim Popp, Marcel D, Brendan Tamen and Kyle Walters all had much to talk about? I guess we'll find out in time once something is confirmed.

A good rumour. I'm sure he wasn't happy with Burris stepping in and getting $400k a year, but he has to realize that the guy stepping in just took his team to the GC and has had two record breaking seasons and has earned that $400k contract.
My guess is that Ottawa wouldn't want to trade him to an East team. Would he want to go back to Winnipeg?
Or does Ottawa keep Glenn around for a year or two until Burris retires and Glenn becomes the starter.

Well one part of the Rumour came true Drew Willy was announced on CHCH as signing with the Bombers in a trade just prior to the Free Agency next week.

Hopefully the Bombers can win a few more games while back in the West Division, I'm sure it will be fairly competitive all around.

Can't see Glenn a back-up for two years, thinking more like trade bait....a starting Canuck for Glenn to the Peg?

can't believe i'm commenting on a bigcat thread....

sigh oh well here goes

the only teams that really could use Glenn at this point are Montreal and Hamilton and even then as a backup QB steady hand off the bench, kinda what he was in Calgary.

BC has their Wally filled stable of QBs, Calgary left him unprotected for a reason, Saskatchewan is set with Durant, Winnipeg made their choice in Willy and competition with Hall and Goltz.

Toronto has their vet and Milanovich probably assumes he can groom another Collaros easily enough, Ottawa already has him...

That leaves Hamilton and Montreal, both have up and comers under center and could probably use a veteran presence behind their QBs of now and the future. Edmonton should be in this group too, but seem WAYYYYYYY to intent on letting Reilly sink or swim for a bit and then sink.

if you have turned over a new leaf in life and decided not to post bull-loni everywhere you go ,then you will have to provide links to everything you post here.

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Man up dude.

First QB injury of the season and that team will be looking at trading for Kevin Glenn.
Willy got extended and no one knows how big or small his contract is.
Winnipeg could still be an option to acquire Glenn

I personally think Glenn would retire before reporting to Winnipig

That may exactly what may happen. He could be everyones Back up QB choice if their starter goes down for a long period.
Winnipeg may make sense but starting QB controversy may not be what the Bombers need.

9 minutes ago
@FarhanLaljiTSN: Hearing that #REDBLACKS are looking to move disgruntled QB Kevin Glenn. #Bombers among the interested teams. Asking price is 1st round pick

A first round pick just is not going to happen. Winnipeg will certainly be looking to draft a CFL ready Oline to play on the interior.
For Ottawa of course they will want another 1st round pick as they are trying to build.
The crazyness with the QB movements who knows what will happen but Walters so far has been smartly acquiring players and giving up their first round pick would place him in a terible situation publically.
at QB this season may indeed be the way to go and more so would be looking at Offensive lineman to protect them

Winnipeg and Edmonton are the obvious front-runners for Glenn. Toronto, B.C., Calgary and Saskatchewan are all set at pivot. We're possibly dicey, but KG wasn't happy here, didn't play well here and we did JUST sign Zach Collaros. Montreal is already late to the game trying to groom Troy Smith. They don't want to pick up another older QB to continue having Smith carry the clipboard. That leaves the Eskies and the Bombers. If I'm a betting man, I'd say look at Edmonton to do the signing. The Peg just got Drew Willy and there's only so much cap room to work with. They already have to go and do a bunch of signing if they want to compete this year.

Latest tweets from Kevin Glenn

He is NOT HAPPY with the RB's

Kevin Glenn ?@qterback5 2m
Tell nick and Keron Ottawa some snakes they lied to me
Kevin Glenn ?@qterback5 3m
I hear you I'm trying to get traded they said it will be either Winn Sask or BC they won't trade me to east I heard bell going to cal

Kirk Penton ?@PentonKirk 1m
Kevin Glenn now saying his Twitter account was hacked. #CFL

Kevin Glenn @qterback5
Everyone knows what type of person I am and this is not something in my character.
Retweeted by Drew Edwards
Drew Edwards ? @scratchingpost
RT @qterback5: my twitter has been hacked. I've kept quiet about my situation for weeks now, so why would I post something like that.

Kevin Glenn @qterback5: Tell nick and Keron Ottawa some snakes they lied to me

New Mascot for Ottawa REDBLACKS

CFL News ?@CFL_News 11m
.@REDBLACKSGM “It looks like there is not going to be a trade (for Kevin Glenn)

CFL News ?@CFL_News 16m
.@REDBLACKSGM cont'd "and, if he @qterback5 wants to get paid, he will have to come to training camp?

Kevin Glenn, what a freaking nightmare for a classy guy.

A "classy guy" would have shown up at the Virginia mini-camp along with Burris. They are paying him good money to be a QB, he has the ability to step up and seize the opportunity and become the starter.

I'm not up on Twitter-speak. Is this saying that the user "CFL News" sent these two messages to the Redblacks' GM? Also, do the minutes attached to the messages indicate when they were sent somehow? If so, I'm confused as to which order they were sent. It looks to me like the second message was sent first. Am I reading it wrong?

I tracked down the original article that @CFL_News quoted - an article from the Ottawa Citizen by Gord Holder.

There are four quarterbacks, although veteran Kevin Glenn still wants to be traded, says his agent, Dan Vertlieb. So far no other club has offered what Desjardins considers suitable value for the 34-year-old Glenn, who is No. 10 on the CFL’s all-time list for passing yards. “It looks like there is not going to be a trade and, if he wants to get paid, he will have to come to training camp,? Desjardins says.

Vertlieb says he has not discussed Glenn’s situation with Desjardins recently.

“We remain hopeful that his (trade) request will be accommodated as soon as possible,? Vertlieb says.

Glenn has a contract in good standing, at 34 if he's got one ounce of smarts he will show up at training camp. Who is going to be interested in a 35/36 year old QB who's been sitting at home for a year and a half?