GLENN INJURED??? Gotcha, but just imagine...

OK, first this is not a rumor. He isnt injured, but consider if he was. I personally think the Bombers would be outta jet fuel, and outclassed by opponents. Props to tonights scheme where the CFL's all time leading reciever(Stegall) was rewarded with zero catches for zero balls thrown his way. javascript:emoticon(':?')

I love Blink and he'll always get his yards with some co-operation from the o-line, but I have little confidence in either of the Bomber backups.

PROPHECY: WILL lose to the Riders consecutively in a new annual tradition I like to call the September Massacre. Then in "friendly" fashion you'll turn aound and thank the Riders, because at least we gave you Kevin Glenn.

When faced with the decision of Glenn, Greene, or Joseph a few years ago, I'm proud to report the Riders ex-management made the right call. If not for good management we still might have the CFL's 2nd most adept pivot over the first third of the 07' season. I feel Josephs' intangibles and the W's give him the edge.

Yes, Glenns numbers are better. I bet if you asked him after the back half of the September Massacre( remember that name) which sideline he'd rather be on, he would diplomatically decline to answer. We miss you too Kevin. Good luck compadre'. Oh and by the way, meet Mr. Frederick Perryjavascript:emoticon(':lol:')


Get a life... Kerry Joseph couldnt hold a candle to KG when it comes to passing, decision making, and threading the needle. We all know its only a matter of time before Joseph starts turning the ball over, hes good for his average of 30 turnovers a season.

We are enjoying Greene very much so and Derick Armstrong for that matter. KG was acquired from Toronto numbskull.

How did the Riders ex-management make the right call? lol... Yeah they could've kept the leagues best QB this year, could have had a dynamic backfield with Holmes and Cates, and still been able to draft Armstead. Not sure how thats making the right call, or were you referring to some other crummy move?

Is that the same Fred Perry who is behind Gavin Walls in sacks? And why the hell would KG be concerned about Perry our O-line has only given up 9 sacks hes hardly even been touched in 7 games played. Who knows Joseph may get hurt with that O-line which has given up 20 sacks through 7 games and will be playing against one of the leagues best D-lines.

Turkey is that you? Seriously, if you can't see that Joseph is benefiting from a much better defence than Glenn, which in turn has led to more wins, then you've been into the spirits way too much. Glenn has outplayed Joseph in every aspect of the game with the one exception of the ability to run the ball. Glenn has been the far better QB this year.

...IT IS ...a real worry for the the no 2 position in our quarterbacking squad is miles away from our NO. 1....BUT ....Glenn is benefitting from a very good 'o' line this year...and he's playing smarter...His stats. certainly prove he has the talent....durabilty????? we'll see...Keep er goin' Kevin, looking good..... :thup: :rockin:

KG has been the best QB in the league so far this year. Even when he was here in SK, you could see that he had the talent to be a #1 guy. If he gets injured and is out for a extended peroid of time , then the Bombers are in serious trouble.

No doubt Sambo...
Tamon always had a problem with filling the voids.
Thats why Westwood is still with the Team..
Cheers to Glenns health...

k Pokeys...did I say Joseph was a better passer? No. Did I say that Andrew Greene and Derick Armstrong werent good players? No. Although they''d be hard pressed to fit in the Riders lineup.

I stand corrected on the fact that the Bombers acquired him from TO. Sorry, but we still made it possible through our descision to move on, and make Joseph our #1. That being my point.

Gavin Walls? Do you honestly think he'll end up with better #'s than Fred Perry? Or are you just like the people that picked the CFL awards last the blinders on for every other defensive category but sacks....lets start a string, heck throw in Brent Johnson too.

You just have to listen to what Im saying...and what Im NOT saying and you wont blow steam out your ears this time. Thanks for the quote Papazoola..."one of the most integral parts overlooked in to hear what's NOT being said"....Anonymous

Just keep in mind, I LIKE Kevin Glenn(KG plays for the Boston Celtics). Way to go Kevin!!!


P.S. Go ahead and start that Gavin Walls string. Like I said maybe Brent Johnson could even be in there.

What the hell are you talking about? Are you even attempting to make sense? You are the type of person who gives Rider fans a bad name.

It takes more than a quarterback to make a team a team.
Yes Winnipeg would hurt if they lost Glenn , but they would not be out.
Winnipeg has a strong offensive squad that could carry even a 2nd string quarterback and still generate a good offence.
Yes the loss of Glenn would hurt Winnipeg, but overall, Winnipeg still would have a decent team.

Id take that advice from a Rider fan but your not I_believe _in_Blue. Did I say they'd go winless BeerBarons? I dont think so. Learn to read people and make other points on the topic, its so much more interesting for the reader


Anybody who thinks Derrick Armstrong would have a hard time cracking the Sask. lineup is delusional. Armstrong may be the best wr on Winnipeg's team. Had it not been for Armstrong last year, Winnipeg would not have made the playoffs. He is talented enough that other teams must plan for him, and take heat off of Milt. The focus of defences on Armstrong also explains the explosion of offence that is Terrence Edwards this year. Winnipeg may have the best American receiving corps in the laegue.

 But hey, go on thinking that Armstrong is no D.J. Flick.  And pass me some of that Sask. prairie green grass you're smoking. <!-- s:cowboy: -->:cowboy:<!-- s:cowboy: -->

Nice opinion....too bad Flick is a slotback. Dominguez and Armstead are our starting wideouts. Do you always compare apples and oranges? Furthermore, we'll tally it up at the end of the year, thats what 18 game seasons are for. And lastly, this is a forum for opinions, mine are strong, but they are mine. So enjoy your opinion until we reach the conclusion of week 18 and then post a statistical breakdown of Rider recievers AT THEIR positions vs. Bomber recievers and we'll see about it then.




...ahahahaha...this year people...this year....Once again re-itterating that an opinion is merely an with it!

well it is if my opinion that arstrong would mop the floor with armstead any day of the week and any coach would be crazy to think otherwise...

it will be interesting to compare at the end of the season

Bombers EASILY, have the best receivers in the league. Armstead and Dominquez will be lucky to produce HALF the numbers Edwards and Armstrong produce.

Just wait and see.

The career numbers suggest otherwise boys, but we will see.

From my experience as a sports fan in general, once a guy has established himself in a league, the numbers dont waiver too much from year to year.

For example, you look at Matt Dominguezs' numbers in previous seasons. Now consider he was in the NFL in 04' and injured for most of 05'. Go ahead have a look at how similar the other numbers are year to year.

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Im not a risky gambler but I'll take cash or certified cheques on our guys at the end of the year. Because I know if my starting pivot crumbles there is someone(Crandell) there who can pick up the pieces(might be the better passer of he and Joseph).

Any takers???


Stop embarrassing yourself. No one can say the Riders don't have a good team but their receiving corps isn't even close to what the Bombers have. I just can't wait until Labour Day.

I'll take cash or money order on that one myself.