Glenn injured - east is hopeless

glenn looks badly injured, not putting any weight on his left ankle....

just when the bombers looked like the team to beat from the east, now the bombers playoff hopes are gone...which leaves the hapless argos vs the undisiplined als....

who will come out of the east and be the sacrificial lamb to the west?

Reported Glenn will get tapped back up at half time and might get back in the game. Even if he doesnt get played he must not be hurt that bad if they are thinking about putting him back out.

He will have a weeks rest after this game


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The Bombers back up qbs SSSSSUUUUUUCCCCCKKKK....can you believe they are paying Brad Banks $100K a year, he is terrible and Dinwiddie is the second coming of Mike Quinn, another immobile stiff.

If Glenn isn't back next week I seriously fear for the Bombers' chances.

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He'll be back...

Gee... are you guys sure you're not Rider fans? There's a reason that Damon Allen looked bad when he came back from injury and there's a reason Kevin Glenn looked bad when he came back from injury and I guess I could find plenty more examples in addition to these. The reason is "Hey! Quarterbacking is HARD!!!" Give Kevin some time, he may be able to go and if not, watch Banks as he gains more and more control over the offence. Be a fan, now more than ever. GO BLUE!!!

I hope Glenn is OK for next week, 'cause if he isn't, one of two undeserving teams will make it to the GC this year from the East.

I would hope that Glenn is back, if I were a bombers fan. Not that Kevin Glenn is some All Star, even by CFL standards, but Brad Banks and Dinwiddie (who?) aren't going to be winning any Grey Cups as starting QB's any time soon.

No doubt that was a serious blow for the Bombers, but I saw him walking on the sideline, which means it is unlikely to be a third degree sprain. And that means he may be able to play next week.
But two things to remember.
One, TO ain't as good as BC, even if it was a nothing game.
And second, with more reps in practice and if you game plan around your backups, they should play better.

But that was a blow, and as a Glenn fan, I was not at all happy!!

I hope that the ARGOS beat WINNIPEG and then beat MONTREAL in the EAST FINAL like they did like in 2004.

The ARGOS beat B.C. in the GREY CUP that year.

I know that was then , but anything can and does happen in 1 game.

...Its a crime that the Bombers don't have a solid qb....BigBlue fans have been saying all year...that the best we have is Glenn...a back-up who is close to being a starter...and is injury prone to boot...Dinwiddie looked good for 2 plays...then stunk er up.....Banks looks like a guy named Tee Martin from last year....and i'm sorry you just can't win in this league with that type of quarterbacking...It's too bad that such a good team... in all other departments, has to be hampered with a deficiency at the most important position...I would say we are probably looking at next year now...Its quite obvious you don't win with a lame quarterback (unless the medical team can perform a miracle)...Next year Glenn will have to move over or move on...THE BOMBERS NEED A QUARTERBACK...applications will be accepted shortly... :wink: :roll:

Berry said after the game that Glenn will be out 2-3 weeks with a severe ankle sprain...I would say thats the ball game...over and out... :thdn:

I wouldn't rule him out , considering it's playoffs . The way he was walking would have to have been agood sign. The lower ankle sprain isn't as bad as that high ankle sprain Dickenson suffered earlier. With it taped up he may be good to go in a week.

At the end of that game , escaping without injuries sure seemed to be priority #1. Pierce was supposed to play in the second half too as well as Jackson to give all three guys some time . But seeing Glenn go down must have changed Wally's mind . Lot's of second string guys got to play at the end though which is good for them though.

Let's not forget:

Brad Banks was once the runner up to the Heisman Trophy(behind Carson Palmer)...and has a TON of big-game experience.

What a rotten break for Winnipeg. I hope Glenn is good to go next week against TO since the ideal situation would be to have all playoff teams go head-to-head with all of their best players available.
I remember a number of people at the start of the season picking the Lions to finish out of the playoffs, opining matter-of-factly that Dickenson would get hurt and the Lions would be toast. It was a skewed way of looking at things since every team is one hit away from having to rely on their backup QB and after all, what team could possibly continue to win without their starter? Ironically as it turns out, the answer to that question is the Lions.

lol yep, i was one of thoe guys that said that, pierce really suprised me this season. shouldnt have underestimated the wally factor. ill eat my crow for that

i picked BC for last, because after tanking the end of last season, they were losing more stars then they were bringing in...and i also correctly envisioned dickenson missing half the season with injury...but i didnt think pierce would play AS GOOD as he did.

Drummer, sometimes I think the Dickenson - injury thing gets a little carried away. Granted, he has been hurt a lot in his career, but Dickenson was not the only quarterback to get injured this season. Allen, Burris, Joseph, and Glenn all missed games due to injury and the shoulder injury to Jason Maas was undoubtedly a contributing factor in his dismal season. Those are just the starters. Crandell had a dislocated elbow, Butler’s injuries made him unavailable for a couple of games and Pierce went out with a contused elbow. In short, at the beginning of the year, anyone picking any of the starting quarterbacks to get injured at some point in the season would have been right 6 out of 8 times. Nostradamus, where ever you are, you’ll be relieved to know that you are still #1.
You really think this Lions team has less talent than last year’s edition? Count me among the doubters on that one.

Judging by his walk out onto the field he didn't look like a guy who'd be sitting out for three weeks. He'll play next weekend.