Glenn hurt - Who will start for Stamps?


C.P. - Calgary Stampeder quarterback Kevin Glenn who led the Stamps to the Grey Cup game this Sunday with a fine performance against the B.C. Lions in the Western Final will be unable to play in the Grey Cup due to an arm injury. Glenn injured his arm re-creating the scene when he broke his arm playing for Winnipeg in the Eastern Final a few years ago.
Head Coach John Hufnagel will start for the Stamps saying he is playing to prove Area 51 wrong that old guys cannot play quarterback and to dispel the notion that old guys at quarterback have no courage!
After hearing Hufnagel was starting, Offensive Co-ordinator Dave Dickenson resigned his position upset he was not asked to step in for Glenn. THe Stamps will be dressing some other old timers to compliment Hufnagel uncluding John Helton, Wayne Harris and Jerry Keeling. Tony Paciekowski was not available according to sources close to the Stamps and K.D. Lang declined to participate claiming previous bookings. :rockin: :wink:

This isn't funny, Tony Paciekowski never played for the Stampeders. His cousin TONY PAJACZKOWSKI did however. Besides, unless Rudy Linterman and Herm Hamhands Harrison play, I doubt any of the others will suit up. :cowboy:
As well the only reason that K.D. would decline is that she feared that the Argo's would counter with Neil Young (who should have been the half time show), who would kick her ***, maybe.

That story is as funny as Saskatchewan's 13th man.

Toss-up their between Gordon Lightfoot or Neil Young but I personally will take Gordon Lightfoot.