Glenn Gibson

Did i miss the announcement of him no longer being team President?

I seem to recall him being named President so Scott Mitchell could move on to other business with Bob Young. And I remember being thrilled because I was never a fan of Mitchell.

Sometime around 2015 Mitchell became president again and Gibson became Vice Chairman and it seems to have happened rather quietly.

Did I completely miss something?

Mitchell's current title is Chief Executive Officer. You're right on Gibson being Vice-Chairman, despite there being no Chairman. And, listed above the VC are a couple of Executive Vic-Presidents, despite there being no President. The front office chain of command appears to be as confusing as we all know it is on the football side. Although not listed, they must, somewhere, have an Executive Vice-President, Senior Manager/Coordinator of Creative & Confusing Job Titles.

Thanks for reminding me. He should be added to the list of people in line to be overhauled and start over from the top down.

He was hired as President was he not?
The confusion as to who does what isn't a concern to us fans as long as they all know what they're doing.
Im more wondering why he was hired as President and seemly was quietly moved out of the role.

There, you've got it, Crash!

Also makes me wonder whatever was the rift with Caretaker and Dave Sauve. Things seemed to be good way back then. Point is we go through lots of execs and even more coaches.