Glenn Extends Contract

Glenn's signature on a new contract extension is imminent.
Another vital part of the team locked up.
2012 was poised to be a hellish year for possible FAs but not anymore...

From Drew Edwards@ the scatching post.

#Ticats, Glenn agree to contract extension, deal to be signed later this week
The contract extension I've long suggested was in the works for Ticats quarterback Kevin Glenn is complete and just needs his signature to becone official. Expect that to happen later this week, along with the team's announcement.

The new deal is one year plus an option but the money is likely a bit better than his old contract, which was incentive-based. He's the uncontested No. 1 QB in Hamilton now and the new deal will reflect that.

Great news :thup:

1 + 1 Really I don't that a great deal

Why not 2+1 I mean basicly we added a year on to current deal added some more Zero's

It not a big deal ... Sign him 2+ 1 And it is ..

Glen was in his Option year so basicly all we did was push his option year back to 2012..

Great news, lets worry about 2012's ticat team in about a yrs time.


Even if Kevin only made an hundred thousand dollars last year, a couple
more zeros brings next year's salary to 10 million dollars, ONknight. :slight_smile: :smiley: :oops:

If Kevin wanted a 2 + 1 year contract, I think he deserves one.

and $300,000 give or take $25,000 a year for his whole contract.


I believe Kevins option year may now be 2013, Tom.

I think any money we had to put into Glenn's contract we had to have taken from Porter's contract.

I agree and think that's fair.

Can you please explain why you think it's fair that the full amount of Glenn's increase should be taken out of Porter's salary/contract?


I agree and think that's fair.
Can you please explain why you think it's fair that the full amount of Glenn's increase should be taken out of Porter's salary/contract?
Don't want to take that one on eh? 'Nuff said.

If you think it's unfair then the entire SMS is unfair. You have a pool of money that is only so big. Playres are cut, traded and contracts re worked to abide by the system.

Not hard to understand.

It does not matter where the money came from or how much is paid, what matters is the outcome and whether or not the money was well spent. It appears last season the team got a good bang for their buck with Glenn with what they paid him. But will another 9-9 and early playoff exit to an arguable weaker team be considered good value for what they are going to pay him now?

I will wait until the seasons over to decide.

You're missing the point.
Nobody is disputing the existence of a salary cap. The point is how to MANAGE the cap in the best interests of the team and the players. And if you want to avoid problems in the locker room, the players should be able to see that the cap amount is being distributed fairly.
A previous poster wrote that it was fair that the total amount of Glenn's increase should be taken out of Porter's salary/contract. That implies that Glenn's success is somehow directly attributable to Porter's performance and Porter should be penalized for Glenn's success.
I asked for an explanation and didn't receive one - perhaps you have one.

He's previous status as QB under his previous contract wasn't exactly clear but Porter is now clearly a backup and his salary was restructured to reflect that.

So you have both an SMS explanation and a performance based one.

And that is a fair implication. Porter was anointed the starter at the beginning of the 2009 season; he didn’t do very well and was replaced by Glenn, who has over the past two seasons done appreciably better. So yes, Glenn’s success is at least partly attributable to Porter’s performance (had Porter performed better he may have been able to keep the starter’s job and keep Glann on the bench, but his performance didn’t justify that). Is Porter being penalized for Glenn’s success? In a way yes, but remember it was Porter’s inability to perform adequately as the starter that opened the door for Glenn.

Porter isnt being "penalized" for Glenn's success.

Porter is being "penalized" for Porter's lack of success.

Very fair comment.

Would you like to explain to us why you think that was a fair comment? LMAO :lol:

He didn't say fair... he said VERY fair....

:D :lol: :cowboy: 8)