Glenn Done?

On the Fifth Quarter, Ted Michaels made mention that he believes that Kevin Glenn will be released at the end of the season. I'm starting to think the same thing. Where do we go from here? I don't think that Porter is the answer. Do we take Burris if he is released? Interested in hearing what everyone else thinks or what our options could be.

I think this is a ridiculous statement to make 3 games left in the season, and a playoff game.

Even if he is, let’s stay focused at what we have to do the rest of this season.

I don’t think Porter is the answer, to be honest I’d like to see what Boltus has to offer.

I'd also like to see Boltus get some snaps as well.
He has raw talent, although needs real time play to develop.
Glenn and Porter have both been starters in this league, yet seem to lack the dexterity required to lead a team.

Mind you, I'm not giving up on Glenn as of yet this year, and am hoping he can pull a rabbit out of a hat come playoff time.

If not, changes have to be made........again.... :frowning:

This would be a bad move and I hope Ted is wrong.

just as i said;
start porter the rest of the year and the playoffs. porter will either win the job and carry the team to playoff success, or fail miserably. then cut glenn or porter based on that.

glenn has had 3 seasons to take this tiger by the tail, and hasn't.

And if Porter fails miserably, and we cut both of them, where do we go for next year?

Do we hand the starter's job to Boltus and see what happens? Or who do we sign, etc?

I've said previously that I'd like to see Boltus, but not sure if its smart to cut both guys and hand the gig to him...

I say play Porter! He has already shown drive (in more ways then one). At least he runs if hes getting pressure in the pocket, or at least throws it away. Glenn just runs backwards 13 yards and takes the sack! If we play Porter and he is mildly successful I say keep him around for next season and give me a full chance at winning the spot!

if glenn starts the game and cant get his act in gear it turns into a long and horrible afternoon...what if he shows up in a playoff game that way??? Oh...that's right he did that last season...

he's been given enough chances to prove himself, including playoff appearances. A 10 year veteran and he performs so average, its time for this team to step up their quarterbacking. Glenn just cant get it done.....

Two years ago when Porter ran out of the tunnel as our starting QB I suspected it was a bad thing. KG's purpose here was to mentor Porter, fill the gap. The TiCats put Porter in too early and when he failed all confidence was lost. Hopefully, Porter has now learned the game and is finally ready to step in and actualize his potential.

Why hasn't a fourth string QB been signed this year?

With Glenn, we know what we got: a smart QB with a short range arm and reluctance to run. Not exactly surefire qualities that result in success.

Bummmer fans came on here after we signed Glenn and warned us (in their mosquito bitten delusional rants) we'd regret signing Glenn.

If all the planets align, every bounce goes our way, nothing bizarre happens then maybe the Cats can get to if not win the Grey Cup. Otherwise, we need a command change.

then i'd cut porter, as he was the understudy for 4 seasons ( ? ) and still hasn't learned anything.
keep glenn as insurance and groom boltus or bring in someone else.

either way, i feel porter needs the rest of this season to show what he can do.

the cats clinched a playoff spot either way. if porter really stinks it up the next 3, then start glenn in the playoffs and cut porter in the offseason.

we know what glenn brings, and its mediocrity and a 1st round exit.

if you go with glenn for the remaining games, we STILL don't know what porter is capable of and he comes back again for another season, taking up valuable practice reps and stunting the growth of a 3rd stringer who could be the answer.

we don't know what porter brings and i think it's time to find out.

maybe porter has learned something and carries the team to 3 straight wins and a playoff win?? but we won't know if glenn keeps getting the starts.

If we were to let Porter or Glen go you can count other teams would be all over them, plus letting ether of these guys go without a replacement we would need or heads read.

And if Porter fails miserably, where do we go for next year?
then i'd cut porter, as he was the understudy for 4 seasons ( ? ) and still hasn't learned anything.
Porter was also the Cats inherent starter for aprrox 18 games, thus you would think he would have learned something by now.

Quinton may have the knowledge, although I'm not certain he has the real time instincts..
Who knows, I may be wrong...and usually am... :expressionless:

Obie should give Wally Buono a call for some QB leads.Look how many QBs have come out of BC the past few years!

I completely agree with this idea of starting Porter in the final three games
and then, if necessary, starting Glenn in the playoffs.

Quarterbacking, however, is just the beginning of the problems facing the Ticats.

This season will end with many of the same problems from former seasons remaining.

when porter was annointed starter, it was too early to put that on him as he hadn't really done anything to earn it. they had cut printers and just hoped that porter would be the guy.

he has since served as glenn's understudy for a few seasons, and one would assume, learned from the 10-year vet. learned from the coaching staff, learned the canadian game, and gained valuable experience.

but we will only know if he gets starts.

if he hasn't developed, then cut him.

worst case scenario, IMO, is the cats start glenn all 3 games, he stinks and he loses in the playoffs. they cut glenn in the offseason and annoint porter the starter for next year.
next year comes, and surprise, porter sucked the whole time and now the cats are wasting another season.

I really wouldn't lose any sleep if Glenn were to be released during the off-season. It's probably a long time coming anyway. I do agree with some of the sentiments here that Porter was to be mentored by Glenn over the past couple of seasons. This is exactly what helped to develop Anthony Calvillo. He mentored under Tracy Ham for 3 seasons and then took over as starter, and the rest is a Hall of Fame career! Perhaps Porter won't have a Hall of Fame career, but he could just as well be successful after having been properly mentored and developed like Calvillo was. There's only one way to really find out! :cowboy:
I don't believe that bringing in another team's old baggage (ala Henry Burris) would be a great idea. I would only do this if there wasn't much left to choose from during the off-season. Burris is pretty much at the end of his career. He's been at it long enough.

The Cats would be foolish to release either and especially Kevin.
Why not continue with the 2 QB system.
It worked years ago with the Argos.
But if they did release Kevin, I know a team down the highway that is in desperate need of a mentor type QB.

What did Porter do today? He never got us to the red zone ....
He never threw anything that would spread a defence.....
(at least we got 3 FG with him in)
He came in to throw a 5 yard pass (which Glenn put in position for, and then injured) & then floated a brutal (yet catchable )ball to not tie the game.
Glenn WAS the man for this game & proved it today.

I say making today the experiment today should rest on MB's shoulders.....wrong game Marcel, Glenn would have won this one if he was in for the whole game......another shoulda', woulda' coulda' game for MB.

It's not about releasing Glenn.

It's about find a QB that is better.

Same goes for every player. If someone better is available, you get them.

I trust Ted Michaels's football acumen about as much as I trust my one-year-old nephew's. And for him to bring something like this up now proves it. What good does it do to bring this up now? What happens if the Cats get to he Grey Cup? Do they still cut Glenn? Michaels was the same guy who said Toronto would beat Hamilton back in August. The beauty about making statements like that is that you never have to eat the crow afterward.

Anyway, signing Burris would be a step sideways or back. He is pretty much the same QB as Glenn just with a stronger arm (that seems to be getting weaker by the day) and more mobile (which also seems to be abandoning him).

To be perfectly honest, I don't see any reason to get rid of Glenn. Porter is not better than him, and Glenn is still relatively young by CFL QB standards. Unless a better QB becomes available, there is no reason to cut Glenn.