..Glenn comes up short again...

Glenn played well. He passed for over 400 yards with 2 TD's and no INT's. And who do you think engineered the Ticat comeback at the end?

Stop being a Glenn hater. Get a new hobby.

Ticats could have/ should have won this game. It almost looked at times that they were borrowing from the Bomber game plan, that may have been the difference.

It was clear the running game was not going to work for Hamilton, but in the 2nd half kept wasting down after down running for zero yards or less. 3rd down and 1 on 2 occasions in BC end and they kicked field goals (one missed)

Glen I thought looked good, play calling was bad!!!

It sounded like the announcers where getting themselves off as they talked about how great Printers was. I was embarrassed for them, I really thought it sounded like they where actually doing themselves as they talked about Printers. Even before he really did much they where salivating etc.

Dont get me wrong, I rooted for Printers in Hamilton and am rooting for him in his new roll, but really!!! The way they went on and on about him was a bit much I thought. I have not looked at the final numbers, but I think Glen had very good numbers, possibly better than Printers, certainly there was times during the game when Glen was putting up better numbers than Printers.

Now I have to root for Montreal, cant have a westy west final, infact Winnipeg is in the west lets be honest! Lets bring back Ottawa so the Peg can go west where it belongs.

casey had around 360, Glenn had over 400

Glenn passed for 60%, printers 68%

Glenn had 2 tds, no picks - CP had 1 td, no picks

what bothers me, is the bombers had a chance at both these guys ha ha, and arland bruce as well... darnit kelly!!!

amen... to me printers had way too much talent to sit all season... sure he had a bad year in hamilton, but up until this year im not so sure any qb could have succeeded there... that mop season printers had is really hard to over look, kelly should give his head a shake on this one.. and not only that but casey fits our system, good on the roll out, and he would actually run if given the space, could have been a big weapon as a bomber ... oh well... heres to hoping we find a capable qb in the off season or that someone steps up... i think bish is a great guy but better suited as a backup, we cant hang or developement on his inconsistent shoulders.

ya printers is like bishop...only good lol, but you may be able to gain lulay...baron miles should be retiring from the lions and crawford looked awful stepping in for him, if your willing to deal out a safety and maybe a corner or somethign you may get lulay here in winnipeg

Printers has had ZERO success outside of BC, this is something that should be considered before dealing for ANY qb out of the BC system!!! Also lets not forget that Printers was 0-3 as a starter this year in the reg season.

....it's tough for Bomber fans not to be neg. on Glenn.....His performance in the Peg was mirrored in that crossover game....He looks good for the most part but does not get it done in the end....I just have to go back to a few games when we looked like world beaters only to have Glenn either chuck it up for the opposition, fumble.... or get sacked....So for those coming on here trying to convince us any different....sorry we have seen it all with this guy...A qb. like Calvillo, Burris, Ray are superior and Printers to a certain extent....they know how to win....so don't try and sell us the baloney....I hope Glenn can win a big-one for the Cats....and with Khari mentoring him (oops he couldn't win the big one either) Glenn might be more successful.....But don't hold your breath....As for pontificating from our golf carts....wow....i think the Cats were on the links the very next game....lol... :lol: :lol: funny that...

Glenn needed a clean slate and he got it here in Hamilton.Had we started Glenn instead of Porter this year, I could see us at 11-7 by the end of the reg. season.Hopefully next season the Porter experiment is put on ice.He's not smart enough to quickly read defenses yet, he's not smart enough to get complicated with the playbook (they have to dummy it up for him), he doesn't seem confident in his OL or receivers and they've lost alot of confidence in him.In 2010 I say Glenn starts and Porter learns to be a CFL QB at practice and MAYBE he can start a bit in 2011.Porter's got raw talent, just not even close to ready for the CFL game yet mentally.

i strongly disagree with you papa, this sport isnt a one man show, a fan such as yourself should know this... the defense let them down in that game... Glenn played spectacular...

i very much agree with you... you have a pretty good team there in the hammer, im hoping the bombers can step it up and make it a competitive division next season

....well i'll simply say...the fans spoke loud and clear last year in a poll...NOT LYLE BAUER....NOT MIKE KELLY....they wanted Glenn outta Winnipeg...you think he has a huge future...Well ..I'm gonna put it this way....Bombers will more than likely win a Cup before the Cats IF Kevin sticks around for them.... He didn't win the big one in the Peg and most likely never would..I don't see a winner in Glenn at all...Just my take.. :wink: I'll also put forth my last take on this guy...Just remember how Glenn and the Cats finished the year.....yup ...same ol same ol... somethings never change :wink:

I think the title of the thread is unfortunate.

Did Glenn come up short in 2006? No, he had an MOP year and the only reason WInnipeg didn't win the Grey Cup that year is because his arm was broken in the east semi final.

Did he come up short this year? I don't think so; he was 31 of 51 for 437 yards; that's easily enough to win a game; any blame for Hamilton losing can't be put on Glenn's shoulders.

That said, is he an elite QB? I don't think so really. He's good, not great. But in my opinion he's certainly better than anyone who played QB in either Toronto or Winnipeg this season.

...and that last statment is more than likely true..... but it will never change my assessment of the guy ....Good luck to him and his future...Im still glad he's not in BlueNGold anymore ...and so are a lot of other Bomber fans (cept maybe James)..The one game difference he made in 09 for the Cats.....no biggie... I 'm more than happy to keep the
door open for a real winner... :wink:

......and as for the 'unfortunate title' of this thread.....like i said before ....Glenn is short...compared to most qbs....heh heh.. :wink:

Papazoola, even your homer mind must realize that if Glenn was the Bombers QB, they would be in the Eastern Final this year. You keep hating on Glenn, but ignore the obvious. Glenn is better than any Bomber QB in Kelly's current stable. And that will continue to be the case for the next five years. Enjoy the drought!

…AND YOU’RE not A HOMER :lol: :lol: :lol: …Glenn is Glenn…that’s all you’ll ever have and as for our drought…I wouldn’t be predicting that so readily, if i were you, until you see what we have in our qb. stable next season…you could be in for a big surprise my friend… :lol: :lol:

Season's over for both Winnipeg and Hamilton. . . too bad it doesn't mean that season is over for trash talk, as it should be.

But on to what is said here. . .

Is Glenn better than any QB that played in Winnipeg this past season? Yes.

Is Glenn better than any other Winnipeg over the next five years? We won't know until we see those five years, now won't we??

You mean LeFors as a quality starter? Seems to me you were on that bandwagon last off-season. I grant you, it would indeed be a big surprise. And if Kelly cleans house anything like he did last season, there's no telling which (or how many) quarterbacks we might have next year.

I still think Kelly should have shopped Glenn properly instead of publicly insulting him, telling all the other teams he had no future in the Peg, and then having to cut him for nothing in return. It's not like we had no weaknesses - we missed the playoffs, right? We went through 9 quarterbacks (not even counting Dinwiddie who was also cut before camp) and Glenn outplayed them all once he got on the field. If one of those 9 turns out to be our next star, I'll admit I was wrong.

Like MadJack, I continue to think that the 07 Cup was ours except for Glenn's broken arm. Kerry Joseph was so bad that day that we almost won with Dinwiddie. If Glenn had played, we would have won, the drought would be over, and Kelly wouldn't likely even be here. Thank you Kevin Eiben...your just reward is to be an Argo in 2009. :thdn:

unless we bring in another qb with cfl experience, or one of our young ones steps up in camp, lefors probably will be the starter... and probably should be. he had a good camp then a good preseason... then got hurt... not really a fair go... some of the guys kelly wanted here turned out to be gems... maybe lefors still has hope... i really hope he does.. or it may be a long year

You certainly never disappoint, Papa. Not an unbiased bone in your body. So in this poll, how many times did you vote? Gotta love a team that runs based on unscientific fan polls.....
Remember how the Bombers finished this year? Out of the play-offs after being embarrassed by the Cats and some guy named Glenn. Cats were the most improved team in the league. Bombers....not so much....
Heading into 2010, the Cats have a bonafide starter and a promising prospect at QB. The bombers have..... Michael Bishop.
The Bombers needed a qB in 2009. They need a QB in 2010. Some things never change......

...still carrying the ol torch for Glenn eh there Ari......tsk. tsk.....yeah somethings never change :lol: ...Stay tuned for the 'real Glenn' replacement ...you may be pleasantly surprised :wink: