..Glenn comes up short again...

....How many time have the Bombers seen that picture....Although Glenn played well today....and he sure makes Bishop look ...well lets say 'wanting'...the two of them are no Casey Printers....never were...never will be....Cats can now join us in the hunt for the Cup in 2010....IF we can sign a qb. of merit...both the Cats and Bombers will prevent the crossover next year....failing that :thdn: ....we can look forward to the west pillaging the east forever... :wink:

I don't think you can hang the loss on Glenn. He played well. I blame the coaching staff for completely forgetting about Cobb.

My thoughts exactly. Special teams has also been a problem for most of the season. Sloppy tackling on kicking teams and no blocking on receiving teams. Same problems every week points to a coachng problem.

....maybe you missed the part about me saying Glenn played well.....he played well for us as well....he just didn't get us to the promised land....and for those that think he ever will...i got a bridge i'd like to sell ya... :lol: you got your take on him....i have mine....and believe me i've watched this guy closely for a loooooong time.. :wink:

You did say he played well… but you also named the title “Glenn comes up short again.” At any rate, not a big deal. :smiley:

....well he is short..... :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: .....you can't deny that one chief...

Never really noticed... :lol:

Awful short QB..... and he beat the Bombers ! Can you believe it ?

If it weren't for Glenn ... no overtime. He did not disappoint.

2 thing's disappointed me.
McDaniel was a butter fingers most of the night.
The defense didn't step it up when needed to.

We had all the momentum going into OT, the noise in IWS was deafening. First play Mallet all the way to like the 6 yard line, next play TD.Then the offense decides to stall again and goes 3 and out. WOW

...Kenny Ploen could have beat the Bombers....so your point...Glenn, like us, will get another shot next year , at the big prize.........heh heh.... but this time we'll field a team with a qb. :wink: we could be a little tougher..isn't it exciting..

...keep him around for a few more years.....ol wonky knees will eventually get around to it... :lol:

glenn did his job and did it well papa, he didnt come up short at all....

the ticats came up short as a whole, darn good game though

little worried bout next year when they have a healthy p-rod in the lineup

Glenn got canned in the worst way, he took a job for 1/3 the money and told his role would be as a backup, this was Porter's team and there was no opportunity to take the starter's position. He forced his way to the starter's spot and brought that team back to respectability and won the starter's spot. He'll be coming to camp as the Ticats #1 QB.

What he accomplished is phenomenal and I'm a guy who said he was done. No matter how you look at it. Kelly saved 50k and Glenn took back 500k :slight_smile: Always great to see someone come back like that.

Printers is another one.

Glenn was paid a $50,000 bonus in the spring and was reportedly due another bonus in the 6 figures when TC started if he had stayed with the Bombers. The second bonus plus his regular salary being too much for a back-up were why Glenn was released.

Yeah no one believed in him. The Ticats did not either. He just played so much better than Porters every time they would throw him in that they had no choice to turn the team over to him, it took Bruce coming out in the media to save Bellefeuille from himself. To me what Glenn accomplished is great, kind of reminds me of Flutie's career in the NFL.

One thing ticat fans forget. Although Glenn played pretty good, he did not play the full season and was pretty fresh coming in. If he starts the season, you can bet he will get banged up sometime during the season and will look like the Kevin Glenn of old, if he makes it thru a complete season.

TiCat fans got sold the same bill of goods that Bomber fans endured for the past 3 seasons. Close but no cigar.

When Glenn needed his tackles the most, they let him down, and he couldn't escape, nothing we haven't seen before.

And the Marshall defence folds when it needs a stop.

After a season where the release of Kevin Glenn by the Bombers was proven to be a massive mistake…to come up with this dreck? You have got to be kidding? You look pretty sad sitting around bashing the team that made the play-offs from your golf carts…

Glenn needed to leaving Winnipeg his time was up many Bomber fans wanted him gone many on this board, he was with them long enough. It was a good move for him in my opinion and he should have a decent year next year and should be the starter for Hamilton, It was no mistake letting him go, It was a mistake letting Dinwitte, Armstrong, Smith and others go and not jumping at the oportunities this team had to improve, one was the not going after Printers, this is going to haunt Kelly for a long time to come. For a guy that has been in the league for quite sometime and to have made such bonehead decisons really suprises me he still has a job. We all know going into the 09 season the Bombers were not that bad of a team, then all the moving of players made them one of the sad sacks of the league. If they don't find a decent starter next season then expect more fighting and another lost season, there is options out there its whether Kelly and company go after them, they have a long off season to do something.