Good news, Glenn is good to play against the boatmen this weekend, hope he doesn't get injured again. if the Bombers take a good lead, i sure hope Berry puts in Dinwiddie, just to be safe, but Kevin has said he wants to finish his career year, confidence and maturity, way to go KG.
Stegall may miss the game with a shoulder injury, man i feel for milt, last season, chasing a record. But Stegall is a team player and he just wants the grey cup. Also ia m certainly comfortable with edwards, Armstrong, O'Neil and Franklin.

Hey anyone know what happened to Justin Holland (QB) and Brazzel, haven't seen or heard of them, i may have missed something.

Holland was cut about the same time Kliff Kingsbury arrived. Brazzel's been a healthy scratch, a ratio thing. A Canadian starter got hurt (I think it was Logan) and we needed to start another Canadian, which happened to be Franklin. Arjei's playing so well, there's been no reason to change back. If Milt doesn't play on Sunday, Brazzel will start in his place.

...Brazzel says 'the ol man won't let me play'...dont' count Milt out for Sun. :wink:

What I think is - Glenn Will play the entire game. He will be switched if he screws up early (which most likely won't happen). Stegall, will miss the game, obviously. But I have trust in the offense. The other receivers are great. :wink: