Glenn Article by New Ticat Reporter Drew Edwards

Here is the first article from Drew Edwards, the new Ticat reporter for the Hamilton Spectator, about the Kevin Glenn situation:

Welcome aboard, Drew. And good luck.

A fine article if you ask me.

Nice start.

8) That article is almost identical to a bigger article done by Ed Tait of the Winnipeg Free Press on February 11 (yesterday) regarding the Glenn situation !!!
   Even some of the same sentences and quotes are used by Drew Edwards in his article here today  !!   

   How much hard work was really done here  !!!!!       <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

Referring to and quoting other news sources is not uncommon.

Many people in Hamilton don't read the Winnipeg papers.

8) Fine, but let's not give the credit to Mr. Edwards for this article then, as you did !!
   Ed Tait really deserves the credit for it, plus his original article goes much more in depth than the much smaller one in the Spec.  !!

Of course Edwards get credit for the Spec article. He wrote and ackowledged his sources as every reporter should do. In it, you can see he contacted the Ti-Cats for elaboration from the Hamilton side but they declined to comment.

The Winnipeg Free press is by Edwards cited more than once.

Sure there's not much new for you and anyone who has read the Winnipeg article, but for those Hamiltonians who get the Spec and don't read the Winnipeg papers this is news, and proper credit is given in the article itself.

if KP wrote this you'd have been on him like a buzzard on a gut wagon

Not true.

In genreal I don't like KP's style, but he did write articles that I had no problem with.

Don't get in a huff just because there's nothing new for those that have read the Winnipeg article.

As I said, I bet many Hamiltonian's have not read the Winnipeg papers and this is news to them. Nothing wrong with the Edwards article. The oly complaint I've read here is that there is nothing new from the Winnipeg article.

No one has complained about hs style, his facts, or his citing of sources.

there is no style or facts just those from the other paper.

Exactly. Facts that most Hamilton sports fans probably don't know about.

It's common practice. I see it all the time when I'm reading multiple news sources.

Here: CHML has done the same thing: ... ID=1062496

i guess we should be praising the winnipeg reporter for a good article rather than the spec reporters ability to find a news link from this site

So I guess CHML and TSN both got the news form this site?

Come on. As I've said it's common practice.

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maybe it is but why give him credit for a nice piece. when he writes his own article then you can shower him with affection

Calgary Hearld too

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Cap'n. I don't think so. All he is doing is quoting the Winnipeg Free Press.
" The Hamilton Tiger-Cats have been given permission to negotiate with Winnipeg Blue Bombers quarterback Kevin Glenn, according to a report in the Winnipeg Free Press.
And those talks have stalled in recent days."

It should be: " BUT those talks" etc......

But I quibble. He at least is dealing with a hot issue and he has to start somewhere even if he really does not add much to what has already been written.
I wish Drew luck in his new assignment ....and lots of scoops. :thup:

Really, the "ands" and "buts" are superfluous.

Just saying.

8) Exactly right Bunni. That was the point I was trying to make also !!!
  I guess you just can't convince some people, even when it's in print in front of them !!!      <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->


I don't get your point.

I haven't said otherwise.

How is it any different that what TSN, CHML and the Calgary Herlad have done.

What is wrong with it?

There is no more news. The Ti-Cats declined to comment.

Please answer the following question: What is wrong with bringing this news to the Hamiltonians who read the Spec and don't read the Winnipeg paper?

All I've said is it's a nice start. He did his job. Noithing more, nothing less. There's nothing wrong with the article. It's fine.


I hardly "showered him with prasie". I just said it was fine.

I'll ask again, where are all your pitchforks and torches for CHML, TSN and the Calgary Herald?

Point out what he did wrong?

That is true to you and me and few others here.

But what about the larger community of Hamilton sports fans who read the Spec? Betcha it's news to most of them.