Glenn and Stegall both gone for around a month?

Just when I was actually thinking the Bombers were going to be a force this year they lose practically their entire offense. Stegall has cracked ribs and Glenn is undergoing knee surgery. That leaves Charles Roberts as the only consistant threat in the Bombers offense.

Unless the Defence starts playing near perfect football I can see it being a long three or four games for the Bombers and their fans. Hopefully someone (Quinn, Brazzel?) really steps it up on offense.

Sorry to hear that the bombers were just making strides to the point I would no longer bug them! Now this! But really that is bad news for the bomber fans!

You kidding me? Well, we only need 5 more wins to make the playoffs, hopefully we will get them or go 9 and 9.

Guess the defence and special teams will have to really step up and give the offence decent field. We have a by week next so there's one break for us. This should give us a pretty good indication of the character of the team. It appears it was our turn. I somehow feel that Quinn will do ok with Berry's help.

...don't throw in the towel yet guys...if you are really a good team.....other people step-up....Quinn has got very little experience in the CFL....BUT the times he was in (except when he took the cheap-shot) he looked alright....i just hope 'alright' will get it done....the 'd' will have to really play flawless...Lions are if we were playing the stamps...... :lol: :lol: :wink: :roll:

I'm sorry to hear this Bomber fans. Glenn was looking solid...

Hey, think positive! While injuries are NEVER a good thing,Its better to get these injuries in August rather in October or November.

Besides Hamilton and Toronto play each other a few times and if they split those games, it will take a while for them to catch you.

Good luck to the Bombers, says I...just not on Thursday...:wink:

It su.cks when your #1 goes down...we know what it feels like here on the Wet Coast. Luckily, Glenn & Stegall will be back soon, and you guys will be back in form.

Why does the CFL censor the word "s.uck"?

Ahh gee thanks 05 that means so much coming from you.

You guys have to remember that both Toronto and Hamilton only have 2 wins and are playing really poorly. This means it probably won't take much to secure a play-off berth in the east and with the Bombers defence playing so well this season they should be able to steal a couple games while Glenn and Stegall are gone.

And as long as those two are back before play-offs, which it sounds like they will be quite easily, the Bombers are definitely still in contention.

I think because it has the same sounding as the F word.

I don't know what the reason is but that is definitely not the reason. If that was the reason wouldn't they then censor duck, puck, pluck, buck, stuck, huck, luck, muck, tuck, truck, etc.

....computers work with phonetic censors, good one KKBAPPLESNAPPLE......

Really? You wish nothing but the worst on a franchise like the EE yet you wish these guys luck and prosperity?

Need I remind you of how annoying these players and fans were when they were remotely successful? Remember the dances?


Actually he's got a point there KK and Yogi were planning parade routes.

Actually our sympathy is more of respect to the guys like Papa, Piggy, Blackie to name a few.

I'm still gonna be there on Winnipeg's Main Street after the Grey Cup is over. :lol:

Really I like to see all the main players in the game I dislike when teams win due to the injuries! The bombers are the last team I would stick up for!

.....we know that son....your love for the BigBlue is somewhat wanting.....good teams find ways to win and play through injuries...its just that we didn't plan on having two of our best ones in 06 on the sidelines...for the leos game....their record is the same as ours....but they've been pretty hot of late....we need some people to step-up....or it could be a long night.. :roll:

Dad you did say good teams right! Then what is your take on the bombers they have injuries and well this might hurt the team some what just like the Tiger cats! Oh what are the Bombers going to do! Taman hurry up sign that dam chicken. Roberts needs to be pushed! :lol:

Well apparantly Stegall isn’t as bad as I had at first heard. It sounds like he will only miss the game against B.C. and only as a precaution. He could have played if he needed to but the team decided the one game wasn’t worth losing Stegall for the season by having him get injured further.