Glenn AND Porter contracts extended

TSN CFL Insider Dave Naylor reports the Hamilton Tiger-Cats have re-signed both their quarterbacks - Quinton Porter and Kevin Glenn - to new contracts.

Excellent news!

Great news, a nice start to the new year. :thup:

well, thats a slam dunk.

Excellent...whats that then, about 150 sleeps till camp opens? :rockin:

The QB position (starter and backup) hasnt been this secure and strong in recent memory.

Another shining example of how far this org. has come in professionalism and player personnel.

A significant accomplishment.

Good news indeed

Great news!!

Any word on Dyakowski?? :smiley:

This also tells me that QP is ok with the way things went last season, and the way they will go this season. Although i was not a fan of some of his comments, this tells me he has taken a big step in professionalism if he knows full well hes essentially going into camp as a #2 and is ready to EARN the starters job, rather than have it handed to him.

This tells me both QB's will be in camp competing for the starters job the way it should be. No guarantees to ether player. Great news. :thup:

It's great news I Hope they where signed before new year or it count on the 2010 Cap.

Maybe Adam Tafralis will have something to say about the QB situation, competition is good for QB development. :wink:

Man, Great signing news the past few days! Obie is the man!!!! Can't wait for the season to start. Now, Tigertown store or whatever it's called... GET SOME FLOYD JERSIES ORDERED... NOW!!!!

I liked what I saw of Tafralis. He looked better than anything the Argos trotted out last year. Obie could still trade Porter though even if he's signed.

Totally agree on both points DoubleBlue. . Tafralis impressed me too, and he certainly did look more competent than anyone the blue team trotted out last season. Joseph we know has been good earlier in his career (but probably over the hill now), Reaves it's too soon to tell. . .but Pickett, geez was he dreadful.

How well do they get along? I have seen first hand what QB contreversies can do to a team and its not a good thing. I hope it works out great for the TiCats but I am still a bit worried.

I think you are talking about any bonuses do and not their actual contract.

i think it's great.What's the story with Tafralis? If we could have him back in the mix, I would think that is awesome 2.
One of my favorite plays of last season was when everyone thought he would run the ball (like he usually did when we needed short yardage) and he threw that toss 2 towards the endzone and the reciever ran the post 4 the T.D..

I haven't heard anything from either of them against the other, or really launched a major complaint while a second stringer, and they both seem to be happy with the situation, but on a personal basis, little has been said.