Glenn a Cat'

...Kevin Glenn has officially signed on with the hammer..... according to tsn...I sincerely wish him good luck (and i'll add the ol proviso...except against us)...Maybe he can put it all back together and give the Ti-Cats some credibility....If Gauthier can give him enough time he could 'dink' and 'dunk' the Cats to a few more tds. ...than they have been recently been accustomed to....I don't think they have an mvp....but they certainly have some experience ...and i think that's what they were shooting for... :expressionless:

Do you ever have something positive to say?Dollars to donuts the bombers sink this year.

I wish him well. Hopefully a new start in a new city will be good for him. Best of luck Kevin.

canmorefan, why would you come to the bombers forum to hear something positive about the horrible ticats, they signed a washed up quarterback, what do u want him to say?

You're basing this idea of being 'washed up' on one season? His stats from before last season are quite good.

Washed up? I'm not convinced.......

It depends on whether you think his great stats from 2007 represent a flash in the pan, or his bad stats from 2008 are a flash in the pan.

My guess is that he'll never be as good as he was in 2007, nor will he be as bad as he was in 2008 (those 20 interceptions).

He's still got a better record than LeFors, as a starter to this point.

... hey canmore....are you still breathing that bad air....seems your thought processes are a little confused...I was positive about Glenn,,,,please read...... :roll:

....add to the interception category his bad knees and immobility and then i think you'll realize that the Bombers have definitely improved with the release of Kevin.......Lefors is young....healthy....and has been in the league 3yrs. under a qb. you could argue is the best in the league (ricky)...Got to say MadJack even at this point in time...I'll go with LeFors... :thup: :rockin:

Glad he's gone, not a team leader, injury prone, whiner, interceptions usually in our end, imobile and many will agree with me, ticats can have him, hardly wait till we get our licks on him, goodbye, good riddens, see ya, have a nice life.

And, in a few months, we'll start to see if that's the right move.

I don't really question letting Glenn go, for the reasons you cite. Still think the way it was done was wrong and counter-productive from the Bombers' point of view, I hope Kelly learns from his rookie mistakes.

But at this point I'm not sold on LeFors as the answer. Should be interesting to see how he pans out.

Yup, thats about it. Crowing how they got Glenn for nothing, meanwhile getting nothing for Printers.

All they did was toss Printers onto the scrap heap and pick Glenn off of it.

There's a difference, Printers didn't go to another team.

papazoola,you didnt get hugged enough as a kid did you?Always right,everyone eles is wrong,your such a sad person.

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I'm glad to see you're using your psychological degree to deduce my problem....It seems every time i read your posts..i get a depressed feeling...Can you advise me on how to correct this......Wait a minute...i've just come up with the answer....STOP reading your depressing posts... :cry: and by the way it's..." spelled 'else' not eles should proof read more often.... oh ..oh..there i go i'm right again... :lol:

You missed a second one should have been "you're" such a sad person instead of "your" such a sad person. Spelling and grammar appear to be lost arts, unfortunately....................

....blast ''re right MadJack....I'm reading so much of this' miss use' of the English language.....i'm becoming one of them....ouch....i got to stop reading that guys post... :lol: :lol:

Goodbye Glenn! Aside from 10 games in 07, he was never better than backup material. If the Tiger-Cats believe they just signed a diamond in the rough then let them believe that. No leadership skills, knees are shot, no mobility and no competitive attitude. That's what I saw last year. Don't believe it? Then find a way to watch the Bomber home game against BC last year along with the game in Edmonton and tell me I'am wrong about his crappy attitude last year. He also appeared to be terrified to get hit last year, probably due to the broken arm against Toronto in the 07 east final. Believe what you want!! The majority of Bomber fans saw the same things I did in 08. A change of venue will probably due him good but I don't believe you'll see some drastic change either. I wish him well but I'am also glad he's no longer a Bomber.

Hey canmore!! Papa's comments are 100% dead on!! Papa's not always right but he's never wrong!!!! Just kidding with you Papa!! Take canmore with a grain of salt. He's obviously a Bomber hater who comes onto our site and tries to stir the pot. There's a name for people like that on these forums isn't there?? Ha Ha Ha!!!

Cheers everyone!!

'''....aye.....that esks. supporter doesn't bother me at all scotty....he seems to have some bad vibes about our team...oh well ....consider the source and where he resides...... :lol:

Further to your take on Glenn....I sure won't miss the big 'sulk'...Dinwiddie showed me more leadership.....I just have to go back to the game last year...when Ryan was playing on one pin...That really told me a lot about this guy...Now if he only had an arm like Ralph Brock had ,in his prime....that kid would be dangerous... Maybe he's been working out in the off-season and getting some zip on his throws.....That'll work out nicely for the BIGBLUE :thup: :rockin:

Well according to today's Winnipeg Sun, the Bombers just sent Printers a plane ticket for their mini-camps this week.

I'am not sure what to think about that Pigseye. I don't know if Printers would be a good fit here or not if it ever happened. I'am on the fence with this one.