Glen Sutors bloopers

anyone notice Sutor making more mistakes these days? I always liked his play analizing but noticed this year many mistakes some which are kind of embarassing, The last Calgary and Hamilton game i was watching had my 13 year old daughter sitting beside me Sutor was talking about Reynolds great play in the game so far, he went on to say that Reynolds is having lots of sex in the game, he them quickly said success :lol: :lol: of course my daughter and i laughed our heads off, poor Sutor :lol:

You would've had more credibility if you spelled his name right- Suitor not Sutor..

Shultz has his bloopers at the keyboard.
Agustin Barrenechea – MLB – Edmonton Eskimos

Unfortunately, he’ll be remembered for his Week 14 hit on Ricky Ray

Normally, hitting your own QB is REALLY bad.
Receivers – B.C. Lions

This was by far the toughest category to decide. The Montreal unit has a similar and equal skill set. The Lions have the top threesome in Geroy Simon, Jason Clermont and Paris Jackson. Winnipeg also has an excellent corps of receivers and all the adversity that the Eskimos have had to overcome merits some consideration as well.

Had the Saskatchewan Roughriders been able to keep their group healthy, they may have ended up the best, but Calgary’s top three of Ken-Yon Rambo, Nik Lewis and Jeremaine Copeland were consistently productive. What really influenced my decision, though was the depth in Calgary after the top three, with receivers Brett Ralph, Ryan Thelwell and Teyo Johnson rounding out Calgary’s impressive group of six.

If Calgary impressed you so much, why did you go with BC?

Oh i'm so so sorry for leaving out the i in Suitor :roll: :roll: you got anything else to add

Yeah, let me guess... you tell jokes and forget the punch lines to them? If you are going to be critical of someone, you would do well to make sure you look smarter than the individual you are trying to mock. You failed miserably... :thdn:

HeySambo42 i think most people here besides yourself have some kind of IQ and knew what the post was about and who it was :roll: seems because i left one letter out its a big deal to you, you can always go elsewhere and leave your childish humour somewhere else. Its obvious you have issues, maybe Dr Phil can help you out. If you can't add anything thats half intelligent then don't bother at all. Go take your medication and Enjoy your day :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

So, how's about we all start acting with some semblance of maturity, m'kay? It is hugely disrespectful to mess up someone's name, particularly if you're going to criticize their errors (irony, anyone?); however, we all did figure out who he was talking about...good that we can all find some middle meds required...

talk about spelling?? whats M"kay?? would also help having an edit button here. okay back to Suitor he's a great play by play guy and played for a great team :slight_smile:

Ah yes, the dreaded spelling. I am constantly working on my issues with the English language, even after taking the " Grammar Simple Is" correspondence course offered through RW2005 …

"M'kay" is a rip-off of South Park...thanks for comin' spelling is fine, thanks...

Now there's a role model :lol:

Talk about touching a nerve… I can take you with me to Dr. Phil because it seems you have issues as well… as for the IQ, I will take 42 over 23 anyday… :wink: :rockin:

Gosh, neither IQ is worth bragging about. I read somewhere that the average chimpanzee has an IQ of 63......Now only if we could convert some of those Chimps into Rider fans and maybe start posting in our forum.......sarcasm on............

Hmm… I guess that swoosh sound you hear is the joke going right above your head… :lol: :lol:

All in not harmony in Riderland, I see. Please, everyone, the enemy is not within. It is inToronto (okay, the slaugher is in Toronto, the enemy is in BC and Calgary!!).

My good friends Baba Booey,Curious George and Mr. Bananas have just confirmed it was a joke, and yes.......swoosh