Glen Suitor's endless chatter about the NFL

If, when I die, I go to hell all Ti-Cat games will be called by Rod Black and Glen Suitor and all they will talk about is the NFL.

I had to check a couple of times during last night’s broadcast to make sure I had not in fact died during the game, but no, it was a living hell of constant references to Luke Tasker’s dad, RGIII and a bunch of other players I don’t give a flying %^$* about!

Shut up Glen Suitor! Please God, shut up and call the game. Yes the field is wider, yes the play clock is shorter and yes Luke, amazingly, has a father-son relationship with his Dad! (Wow!).

I am not a fan of this pair as well.

Rod Black seems lost and Suitor can't shut up.

When he's not repeating a story for the 10th time his three favourite words are me, myself and I.

If I had the choice between hell (Black and Suitor and torture) or heaven (religious nuts) I'm choosing Hell. Lol

But back on track, I don't blame Suitor. He's likely drunk by first quarter. I know I would be if I had to work with Black.

Not sure everyone posting, in this thread, realizes that Black was not working the OTT @ HAM game. Suitor was the colour guy beside Chris Cuthbert.

My wife mentioned it last night, why does Suitor talk non-stop? most is meaningless drivel. He gives me a headache, why can't he be a "silent partner" like Duane Ford? At least Ford doesn't come up with those long winded stories that go on and on and on. The Tasker story went on and then he continued it after an ad.
How do we shut Suitor up without turning the sound down?

Don't listen to the drivel-ators. Mute the TV, it's almost the same as being in the stands. If you can stand the video delay listen to CHML, I do and like the effect lots.

I'm thinking that, with the broadcasts being picked up on (minority shareholder and partner) ESPN/ESPN3, TSN has been told by ESPN to make these references. That whole segment on Tasker and his father was obviously planned before the game, probably not just thrown in by Suiter. It's quite probable that Suiter didn't have a choice in the matter.

When dose figure skating start and Rod black goes on assignment. But what do we do with Suitor...turn the sound down I guess. @#$% :cowboy:

Their endless NFL chatter makes me want to change the channel.
I watch the CFL for cfl banter. Not NFL banter. I don't watch the NFL and have no idea who the F they are talking about when they are name-dropping.

I do believe that this game was one featured on ESPN (saw some references to that in comments on the TSN site) so references to the NFL and connections between the leagues (like Tasker) would be made to draw in US viewers. Most of the time I just tune out the announcers. Tried listening to CHML but found the time delay to be annoying.

It's not endless NFL chatter, they are talking about Tasker who is a Tiger Cat player and his father was an NFL players so it's not like they are talking about the NFL with no connection to the CFL.
It's the same thing when they talk about Warren Moon or Flutie who were ex-NFL players, who had CFL connections.

My problem is that Suitor just never shut about it, all he had to say was Tasker is the son of the NFL player Tasker.


Is Luke Tasker the son of Steve Tasker by any chance?

Was not on espn where I am so musta been espn3 and fir those saying so they do not use NFL references just for espn

It doesn't need to be discussed every single Tiger-Cats' game.

It was on ESPN2.

If TSN is serious about having a professional broadcast, they’ll dump Rod Black. Im not even going to get into it anymore, hes that bad.

Luke, I am your father. Come to the dark side and ignore the fair catch!


It is a strong edumacated guess that The Rod Black Drinking Game is the number one cause of cirrhosis amongst male CFL fans between 30-55.



Oski Wee Wee,


I found a way to overcome this. I pause live TV until the CHML web broadcast catches up.

Great suggestion. I think I'll try it the next time the annoying Rob Black or Glenn Suitor are part of the TSN broadcast of away Cat games. (Can't do this for home games as I am in the stands at THF - this is another excellent way of avoiding both individuals).