Glen Suitor's a wind bag

Is he still talking about the P.I. challenge?

No, he's back rambling about Higgins decision to go for it on 3rd & 2 in the first half! :lol:

Considering that his job is to fill air time and try to sound interested in this failtastic game, I'm not sure what else he is supposed to do.

He could stop the "incessant chatter" no need to yap all the time, we need some dead air, we are not stupid!!
It's always about explaining things to people that may have not seen a CFL football game before. How about describing the game to the majority of people that watch the game week in week out.

Is he not a colour commentator ? Stick to the game. Cuthbert can't even do play-by -play, with his constant interrupting tidbits. I had to mute him several times. At least we know Black is stupid, but Suitor was a player !!!!

they should use Lancaster as training material. applicants should have to pass a "do it like Lancaster" test.

Man, I have missed him in the booth.

Or Leif Pettersen or............

He has been doing this long enough and if he hasn't figured it out by now, there is little hope. His only jobs are to describe what is in FRONT of him and what he sees on replay. How he ignores the fact the ALS defender had the Bomber, receivers arm for the entire route is embarrassing . Instead he goes on about what happened in past weeks ,which has no bearing on the play that was being reviewed. He skewed the play so badly, he made it seem like a reversal would never occur. When all one had to do was take a look at the replay. Then he was absolutely hoping the officials would make a even up call late in the game. Higgins missed his chance and that's on Higgins. Who can take this guy seriously ?

Not sure why Glen Suitor takes so much abuse on this board. To me, he is, hands down, the best TV colour guy in Canada. Period. Suits is a great communicator and has very good chemistry with Chris Cuthbert. He always breaks down plays very well and isn't afraid to jump in with an informed opinion.

Regarding the pass interference call on Billy Parker late in the game, he was simply saying calls have RARELY been reversed this season if they're not blatant (and that was borderline at best). Don't believe me? One has to look no further than last week's BC-Argo game. BC's rookie DB TJ Lee came in half a step too early on an Argo receiver. The play was reviewed and the non-call on the field was not overturned, killing an Argo drive. Later BC's Marco Iannuzzi was running a sideline route and had the shoulder pads pulled out of his jersey. If ever there was more damning evidence for a PI call than that, I'd like to see it. Reviewed and not overturned.

Loved how Suitor stepped up and strongly disagreed with the Als' 3rd and 2 gamble before the play ran too, rather than come across as a Monday morning QB.

My favorite Suitor line: "for the kids out there watching, that's how you...." so cornball.

He ignored the replay and the evidence in front of him. What happened last week has no bearing on this play. It was clear as day. He is awful.

Agreed, all the colour analysts and commentators should and must pass on air testing and prior training to work on TV, it's one thing on radio because it's voice only, but visually some of these guys have verbal mumble, not just Suitor but also Dunigan who stops and starts in mid sentence so many times you would think he's a brake tester at a Midas Shop.

Dunigan is a smooth talker compared to Duane, 3 second pause after every 3 words.

I like Cuthbert and Suitor, the are the best in the CFL system. I gather the producers do also as, it is this duo that are called to do the Great Cup games.

I think Suitor is the best of the bunch. Forde is dry and dull, and Dunigan...he seems to speak faster than he can think, which leads to awkward pauses and stammering and stumbling and tripping over words, etc. Dunigan's a better panel guy.

I like Suitor but maybe one of these years he will learn the proper pronunciation of Milanovich (hint, Glen: it's not Mill-IN-uh-vich). He is way better than Forde, who is knowledgeable but bland as hell and prone to starting every comment with, "Absolutely." I like Dunigan's excitement on the rare occasions when he gets in there. If I were TSN, I'd bring Walby back, move Forde to half-time analysis, use Kate Beirness on play by play instead of Black, and give Dunigan/Miller more games.

Well Suitor has his moments, and for the most part he does his job well enough. But there needs to be times when he just shuts up and not feel the need to fill every moment of air-time with chatter and talk to the fans like they are not novice viewers. Watch an NFL telecast with Aikman or Daryl Johnston, they are the best on the tube these days.

:lol: That's a good one.

Grrr hate the NFL broadcast. Watched the Chiefs game last week and I swear the commentators had more camera time then the players playing the game.

He knows the game, played under some of the greatest coaches , players of all time and was fine with CBC. He brought some passion to the telecasts unlike this dry bunch. Doug Brown also very polished on Radio broadcasts.